Construction financing online: more personal than you think

You cannot conclude a construction financing online. Nevertheless, there are many construction financing online providers who offer their services on comparison and search platforms on the Internet. Strictly speaking, construction financing online is a construction financing brokerage by brokers who usually do not have a branch network, but in the best case offer competent advice and support until the construction financing loan is concluded – and sometimes beyond that. An online construction financing brokerage has two special advantages for you: the large intermediaries such as the bank-independent accedo AG have access to the construction financing offers of 400 banks to find the best loan for you. And you are also independent of time and place. So you can comfortably z. B. from home and at your desired dates to be advised and cared for.

Personal loan and car loan or instant loan in Switzerland

Loans have become a matter of course in recent years for many people who want more liquidity in the short term. Sometimes it happens in life that you are dependent on cash – whether to pay a bill or even to make an urgent purchase. A common problem with this, however, is that not everyone can successfully apply for a loan. Often the own creditworthiness stands in the way – more precisely, the Schufa. Because in this country, as a rule, the Schufa file of the applicant is always queried. If there is a negative entry in the file, the chance of an instant loan drops to zero. If you still need cash urgently, there is only one solution: take out an instant loan in Switzerland online.

Written by Olaf Varlemann – Managing Director Baufi-Nord GmbH.

Those who are looking to build a property in the coming years or. wants to buy, is planning more extensive modernization measures or needs follow-up financing, is faced with a dilemma. Due to the rise in interest rates and the current situation in the financial markets, it is difficult to predict what interest rates you can expect in the future or what you can expect in the future. must. Since it would currently really make sense to secure the current interest conditions.

This is the question most bachelor graduates face after receiving their first academic degree. In doing so, as an alumnus, you will come across a wide variety of statements, quotes or assumptions about careers, salaries and opportunities with and without a master's degree when doing your research. In order to create order in this chaos of information overload, we have filtered out the five most important theses and extensively tested them for their suitability for everyday use and truth content.

Does it always have to be the master's degree or is the bachelor's degree enough?

Today, nearly one billion people live in precarious housing conditions, mostly in slums. This figure is expected to double by 2030. Due to the acceleration of brutal urbanization and the lack of affordable financing options, access to dignified and sustainable housing for vulnerable populations remains a major problem. The current financial system, based on high, very short-term returns, cannot help society overcome inequality and poverty, as well as meet the challenges of environmental change. urbaMonde and its local partners in Nicaragua and Senegal have set up revolving funds with very low redemption rates, among other things.

Many people are not aware that our legal system has its roots in genuinely Christian thinking. This is not only about Sunday rest, but also about abstract principles such as the freedom of form of contracts and the prohibition of immoral transactions.

Monica Makona gets an overview of her finances in Tala app

Dar es Salaam (IDN/afr). Two years ago, 32-year-old street food chef Monica Makona wanted to expand her business. However, the bank denied her the necessary loan. The credit app Tala was her salvation. Within minutes, Makona received a small amount of money on her smartphone.

Education funds (also known as study funds) are provided by foundations, companies or private individuals and support selected students with the financing of tuition fees, living expenses or stays abroad during their goal-oriented studies. Repayment to the education fund is income-dependent over a predefined period of time and only begins when you start an employment relationship. This means that financing your studies with the help of education funds is socially acceptable, flexible, calculable and, in contrast to student loans, independent of banks.

Education fund

Mintos p2p loans

As you read in my last post, I invested in peer-to-peer (short: P2P) loans via the platform Mintos*.

Surely you still think "Exactly.. not even my best buddy pays off his debt to me".. That could very well happen, but with the right settings at Mintos*, you can minimize the risk of defaults.

Wage tax allowance, application for wage tax reduction

With the personal allowance you reduce your income tax and pay in the end thus not less tax, but receive more net salary each month.

If you have allowances entered in your tax card (Elstam), an even larger part of your gross salary remains tax-free. Allowances can be given for expenses you would otherwise report on your tax return, such as job expenses, second home, another child, medical expenses. Most tax allowances are only recognized when a 600 Euro limit is reached.