7 Tools to develop a solid financial savings plan

7 Tools to develop a solid financial savings plan / Internet

There are several online calculators that work with the use of formulas in Excel spreadsheets. Create a personal budget in Excel in 4 easy steps. Create a personal budget in Excel in 4 easy steps. It's time to create a budget and apply a few Excel tricks that will help you pay off your debt faster. Read more . With the help of these calculators, you can see more clearly how much money you can save over time by cutting back on spending or making better purchasing decisions. A savings plan means you may still buy the things you want or need, but you have to do so by not incurring any other costs.

Budgeting & Saving with Mint

To meet your goals, you'll likely need to budget your spending to save or increase your savings. An online service you could try for the whole budgeting and saving process is Mint. In June, I reviewed how you can create a budget plan with this free service. How to manage your budget and expenses online with Mint How to manage your budget and expenses online with Mint Continue reading. Since then Mint.com added another feature called "goals".

Mint makes it very easy to create a savings plan for almost any goal, including paying off a debt, buying a car, traveling, buying a home or saving for retirement. If none of their template plans meet your needs, you can customize your own.

Mint.com keeps you informed about the progress of your savings plan. The setting up of a Mint.com account, a budget and a savings account takes some time, but the website features work so well that it's worth the effort.

Savings calculator

Another calculator you can use without registering an account is at Dinkytown. This calculator includes formulas for college savings, a savings plan for buying a home, and how much you could potentially save if you don't smoke, drink, or shop while you shop.

It can even provide calculations on how much you could save each month if you packed your lunch instead of eating out. Do you want to make a cool million? It is shown how a savings plan can also be created for this purpose. When you actually see these numbers, you can see very clearly how attainable your goals really are. The calculator even shows you how much it"˜s costing you to delay any type of savings plan.[NO LONGER WORKS]

College savings planner

If you want to create a savings plan for your kids"˜In college education, you can take a look at Vanguard's college savings planner.

Calculator provides a rough estimate of how much you'll need based on tuition (in-state or out-of-state) and the type of school your child attends.

Savings with interests

If you're looking for a long-term savings plan, many online bank and credit union savings calculators are included.

Mappingyourfuture.com offers a really simple savings calculator that calculates expected future savings based on an initial deposit, monthly savings, interest rates and number of years. The site also offers tips on saving for college and paying off student loans.

Savings calculator for your site

If your savings plan includes visitors to your site, Frograte offers a number of formula calculations, including loans, mortgages, and credit card debt.

Posting the calculations and code on your site can be helpful for an organization involved in a savings plan. Frograte says that their "Savings calculator is based on monthly summation. Check the details of your account for the termination period. Accounts prepared on a daily or annual basis differ slightly from the calculated results".

Energy Savings Calculator

Developing a savings plan is not limited to what you can deduct from your income. You may be able to save by upgrading your fridge or getting rid of your bling and buying a new car.

Engerystar.com offers a calculator that allows you to determine how much you can save by buying a refrigerator.

New vs used car calculator

If you need to buy a car, AOL offers a.com has a handy calculator that lets you see how much you can save when buying a new car as opposed to a used one.

Using one of the calculators above or similar ones can help you estimate your savings goals better than just guessing from your head.

Tell us about other calculators and money saving tips you know about.

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