Apply for a loan for car repair now

The credit for the car repair

The loan for car repair is the perfect solution in case your car needs the help of a garage after a damage and you want to stay solvent. Unfortunately, it is often the case that cars break down just when it does not fit into the budget. But unexpected often comes. Repairs follow unpleasant events, so z.B. after the breakdown on the way to an important appointment or breaking down in the middle of an open road on the way to pick up the children from school.

Car repair by means of credit

If this case has occurred, it is advisable to consider that there is an interesting possibility of being able to pay for the repair of your car by means of borrowed money. Ideal financing: Pay bills with the car repair loan, completely without having to attack your own cash reserves.

With the car repair loan from Bon-Kredit, you have the option to obtain financing according to your individual needs in case of need. You may be concerned about whether the current low income and credit rating will be sufficient to give you a real chance of getting the loan. Our tip: Do not leave it untried under any circumstances.

The possibilities of financing

Thus, at Bon-Kredit the requirements for this financing are quite humanely regulated, in that only a few requirements must be met:

  • Minimum income of 1.300,- Euro
  • Employment for at least 6 months
  • Adulthood is required
  • German residence

Creditworthiness bottlenecks do not immediately mean the exclusion from the favorable financing at Bon-Kredit. This is how you can apply for a car repair loan even if you have credit problems.

Majority of customers receive approval within 3 hours

So regardless of even aggravating circumstances, the intermediary always does its best to provide you with a competitive loan for car repair. To do this, simply use our loan calculator to search for the available options (amount to term). Our application process is quick and easy. The majority of our customers receive a 3-hour approval, so you will know very quickly if your application can be approved. Just when you may be under pressure and time counts.

Term and amount of monthly installments you determine yourself

We offer loans through our partner at low interest rates, affordable monthly repayments with the ability to choose the duration of your financing and the installment amount yourself. So borrow as much money as you need to repair the car, or simply round up the loan amount – for example, for a set of new tires.

Loan amounts – for any type of financing – can be taken out through us already in the form of small loans from 500, – Euro, so that you can repay in minimal monthly installments.

Guaranteed reputable At Bon-Kredit they value their customers and are happy to offer help to those who have questions about the loan or the application process. As a trustworthy and reputable company with decades of experience, they know how to apply for and process the loan quickly and efficiently.

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