Beckett: story summary and ending explained

What happens in the Netflix movie "Beckett"? Here is a summary that will answer all your unanswered questions about the end of the film.


The Netflix film "Beckett" is a bilingual political thriller with high tension, immense intrigue and painful cat-and-mouse games. A U.S. citizen vacationing in Greece with his girlfriend becomes the victim of a sinister international conspiracy to cover it up. John David Washington, the son of Denzel Washington, is convincing in his performance in the leading role. Parts of the story are lost in translation, but the backdrop of a politically turbulent Greece sets the audience up for a tense and atmospheric drama.

In the end, there are clear answers to some questions, while others remain open for discussion.

Beckett plot summary:

American Beckett and his girlfriend April spend a dream vacation in Greece. They live near Syntagma Square in Athens, but decide to move to the countryside after a violent protest is predicted. Beckett has booked accommodations for them, but April thinks they should confirm by phone before they leave. April makes the phone call. It's a long way to get there, and Beckett falls asleep at the wheel. The car goes off the road, falls off the cliff and smashes into a house. Beckett regains consciousness and finds a woman and a boy (Dimos Karas) staring at him. The woman hides, and April's bloody body attracts Beckett's attention.

April is dead, and Beckett wakes up in a hospital. Although his words are often lost in translation, Beckett manages to pin down a local police officer and give him a detailed account of the incident. He also tells the officer that he has seen a boy, whereupon the officer promises to find the boy's whereabouts. Beckett returns to the scene of the accident and sees a blond woman and a male officer there. Before he can talk to them, the woman starts shooting at him. Now the whole state is after Beckett in a cat-and-mouse game. He hopes to find safety in the embassy, but the story gradually reveals that Beckett has become an easy pawn in a larger international political conspiracy.

The end of Beckett: Is Beckett dead or alive?


Beckett is the ubiquitous common man who becomes the victim of a larger political conspiracy. In the end, Beckett becomes an accidental tragic hero – an expendable man who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. After escaping shocking encounter at crash scene, Beckett ends up in a house, and a local man promises to protect him. But austerity-plagued Greece is a volatile country, and Beckett is just one of many who oppose a possible army.

Beckett is on the run with an arm in a cast. He manages to get a ride to Kalambaka, from where he boards a train to Athens. On the train, Beckett encounters an intimidating official. As Beckett tries to escape from the train, the man tries to reach for his gun. In the commotion, Beckett shoots the man in the foot, which gives the police a valid reason to pursue Beckett. Paranoid but compelled to walk the streets, Beckett discovers countless posters of a missing child, and the image looks incredibly familiar: It's the child from the accident scene.

Shortly after, he meets two women, Lena and Eleni, who agree to give him a ride in their car to Athens. Lena explains to him that the boy's kidnapping could be politically motivated because his uncle (who is holding a rally that day) has angered an extreme right-wing organization called Sunrise with his proposal to get Greece out of its "current mess".

Sunrise has the police in his pocket, and there's a lot of corruption going on in the country, and Beckett has stumbled into the middle of something big.

After getting a picture of the conspiracy, Beckett gets off at a checkpoint. On the subway, a man manages to stab and injure him, but Beckett alerts other fellow passengers to his situation and the attacker flees. Two enthusiastic students take him to the embassy, where he meets officer Majessy.

Majessy hands him over to another man named Tynan. After hearing Beckett's story, Tynan suggests taking Beckett to the local police, but we learn that he is connected to the cover-up operation. Apparently he is a double agent who wants to manipulate the elections in Greece. After Tynan tries to stun Beckett with a stun gun, Beckett gives Tynan a taste of his own medicine. They end up in the basement of a shopping mall, where Tynan receives news of Karas' murder. After getting the message, Tynan is ready to let Beckett go free, but Beckett cracks Tynan's skull with a pole.

Beckett is now driven by a desire to bring the truth to light, and after seeing the blonde woman at the rally, he follows her to the roof of a parking lot. Beckett and the woman get into a fight (and then a shootout). Beckett shoots at another man, but he escapes with the car while the woman gives Beckett a tremendous fight. After overpowering the woman, Beckett follows the car. In a reenactment of a scene from "The Dark Knight," Beckett manages a difficult jump, leaping onto the roof of the car. The man in the car he also overpowers.

What happens to Dimos Karas (the boy from the accident scene)?

Dimos Karas, the nephew of the political leader, is at the center of the conspiracy. The gripping drama only gets going when Beckett gets to see Dimos. However, as a tourist in a foreign country, Beckett doesn't know who Dimos is. He rediscovers Dimos on a poster that Lena and Eleni put up on the side of the road. He discovered the boy in the house when he crashed his car. After some interrogation, Beckett learns that Dimos is the kidnapped nephew of Karas, the leader of the Left Coalition. Apparently he was kidnapped by a far-right group called Sunrise, which also orchestrates the cover-up of the crime. We later learn from Tynan that a far-left organization called the Communist Brigade is taking responsibility for the kidnapping.

But we know that Tynan is not a person to be trusted. The resolution of the story only makes the coalition look weaker in front of the population, as it brings to light an internal conflict within the coalition. Karas is murdered at his own rally, while Beckett catches a glimpse of the blonde woman. He finds the car and risks his life to stop it. Finally, Dimos is rescued from the trunk of the car. This final revelation reinforces the theory that whoever is after Dimos and his uncle is also after Beckett. This brings us to the final question.

Who are the people who are after Beckett?

As Tynan spills the beans just before his demise, Karas has gotten involved with some powerful people for money. While his country was slowly becoming impoverished, Karas had a massive loan running in his name, and the people who had loaned Karas the money wanted it back. The Greece shown in the film is a volatile country, weakened by its economic crisis. In this situation, the government becomes corrupt and mobsters control government affairs. Apparently the people who loaned Karas money are the same ones who kidnap Dimos.

They also want Beckett dead, because he learned about the hiding place of the kidnapped boy. In the end, all the bad guys die. A series of lies obscures the truth, but maybe we can still find out something. With Karas' death, the right-wing party would gain an advantage as the left-wing and separatist coalition would suffer a severe blow. Therefore, Lena's conclusion could be correct – the extremist organization "Sunrise" could play a role in the murder and kidnapping. Is the U.S. government involved in the cover-up, or is Tynan a rogue agent working for criminals? The US government may also be involved. The film leaves us with these questions at the end alone..

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