Minimalimus and the burdens of employment

Let me take a quick look back. I had my first retirement deposit when I was 17, which was 43 years ago. Here's a screenshot:

The screenshot shows my first payments into the public pension fund 43 years ago. Gross earnings were then 1136.83 DM (equivalent to 581.25€) per month for a full-time position. Elsewhere, it says that the total adds up to 0.2599 retirement points. According to the current status, this would be 8,88€ per month- after all…

Tenants pay on average between 8 and 9 billion CHF more each year than owners

Renters pay an average of 8 to 9 billion francs more each year than property owners. Calculated on a monthly basis, this is between 130 and 730 francs, depending on the amount of the mortgage and the size of the property. This means that owners save between 1,600 and 8,800 francs each year compared to tenants.

Maestro Card

Although the term is used relatively often, technically there is no Maestro Card.

If the child support payments from the ex-partner keep failing to materialize, one should think about a child support execution. Often this is done through wage garnishment.

Up-to-date one hears again and again from the age poverty and the low pensions. Due to the uncertainty of the situation at retirement age, young people in particular need to make provisions in good time. Will the payments into the pension fund be sufficient? Or should you just take the money to the bank?

In addition to a variety of possible hedges, it is also very popular to purchase a property in order to be able to live rent-free in the already paid-off house later on. But is it really so simple?

Lifestyle creep is a problem because it can prevent people from saving the right amount they need for retirement or emergencies.

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New York Johan is young, Latino – and yet will vote Republican in November. "Crime is currently so high, then the homeless problem and immigrants," he sums up. Democratic leadership is not doing a good job, in his opinion.

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