The purchase of a property is still under a good star in terms of low-interest real estate loans. Loans for real estate are still quite cheap. However, experts believe that the tide could turn and interest rates for real estate loans could rise again. To find out how you can secure better terms with a quick repayment loan, click here.

Quick repayment loan – how to protect yourself from rising interest rates

A quick repayment loan is a conventional annuity loan that is repaid within a comparatively short period of time. One speaks with a fast amortization loan also frequently also of a full amortization loan. The great advantage of this loan is that the interest rate is fixed for the entire term. Follow-up financing is not planned. When property buyers opt for a quick repayment, they have a high degree of planning security. You determine the timing of the financing yourself. Average interest rates for real estate loans with a fixed interest rate of ten years have risen again since May 2015 and are currently around 1.76 percent. Interest rates of 1.76 percent for a real estate loan are still favorable, but no one can say how long this level will be maintained.

You absolutely want to redeem expensive, existing loans to save cash? With the Santander rescheduling this is quite possible, since the Santander rescheduling loan with high credit rating already from 1.99% eff. P.A. Available!

Representative example of the Santander Bank rescheduling loan in accordance with § 6a PAngV

Popular: foreign currency credit in francs

When it comes to getting the best terms on a loan, quite a few people are toying with the idea of going for a foreign currency loan. But this type of loan carries many risk factors that could quickly make you regret this decision. For the following reasons, you should think very carefully about taking out a foreign currency loan.

Residual debt poses the greatest risk in construction financing

Sensationally favorable are the current offers of construction financing providers. 0.75 percent interest for a 10-year fixed-rate period. This is just 350,- Euro monthly burden for a 250.000,- Euro building loan. If you do not close quickly there, it's your own fault. Really? As fabulously cheap as the offer seems, it is risky at second glance. Repayment? Mini. Residual debt extremely high. Who concerns itself today with a Baufinanzierung, should concern itself particularly with the value of the remaining debt, which must be financed further after expiration of the Erstvertrags with a connection financing. Particular caution is required, because at the end there is the threat of insolvency (you want to calculate residual debt? Use this calculator).

It can be a real problem to secure financing if you find the house with the diamond in the rough. In your mind's eye, you know it will be the beauty of the block, but lenders don't share that vision.


The purchase of a piano is a lengthy affair and should be well considered. After all, even the cheapest versions quickly cost as much as a used compact car.
Who has little money, but still does not want to do without his dream instrument, can fall back on several options:

Two years ago, it fell by 1.7 percent, last year by only 0.2 percentage points, and in the first half of this year it fell again by 1.3 percent: The real disposable income of Russians has shrunk once again. This is reported by Rosstat, the state statistics agency, in a report issued at the end of July. After a brief breather, this continues a trend that has been going on since 2014. The news portal lenta comments that this is now the longest-lasting decline in incomes in recent Russian history.Ru.

Online credit & installment credit: reputable providers in comparison

Nowadays, many loans are no longer issued by branch banks, but applied for online. But why are these online loans so popular? The advantage is quite obvious: due to less bureaucracy, more favorable conditions can be passed on to the customer and the application is usually quick and uncomplicated within a few steps. A particularly prominent example of this is Minikredit.De, where there are hardly any requirements for creditworthiness and Schufa. Partly providers advertise even with an online loan with immediate commitment.

How does the granting of an online loan proceed??

The way to the online loan is nowadays very simple and requires only a few steps, which we explain at this point.

compare online mortgage providers: via online platforms, independent tests and personal contact

Anyone who wants to buy a property today is faced with rising prices. That is why a particularly favorable construction financing loan appears to be an essential building block for realizing the dream of owner-occupied property. In order to find the most favorable loan possible, the majority of interested parties now use the Internet. Because they know that you should not rely only on the house bank , but at least 2 other offers should be obtained. In this Internet research, one question always arises at the beginning: "How to compare the offers of online construction financiers"? And what offer components to look out for? The most favorable interest rate offer or rather the best quality of advice? And how important are test seals and satisfied customer testimonials as criteria for one's choice?

Increasingly, credit portals and loans are advertised from the Internet. Whether in magazines, online or even in television advertising online loans are ubiquitous. If you are thinking about applying for a loan today, you automatically think about getting information on the Internet. Only 10 years ago, the only possible way was to your own house bank, today the situation looks different.