Compare online construction finance providers

compare online mortgage providers: via online platforms, independent tests and personal contact

Anyone who wants to buy a property today is faced with rising prices. That is why a particularly favorable construction financing loan appears to be an essential building block for realizing the dream of owner-occupied property. In order to find the most favorable loan possible, the majority of interested parties now use the Internet. Because they know that you should not rely only on the house bank , but at least 2 other offers should be obtained. In this Internet research, one question always arises at the beginning: "How to compare the offers of online construction financiers"? And what offer components to look out for? The most favorable interest rate offer or rather the best quality of advice? And how important are test seals and satisfied customer testimonials as criteria for one's choice?

Search for online construction financiers via comparison platforms

There are many ways to start your research. The easiest way: ask the search engine. And then see what results are displayed for the search. Or simply click on one of the many ads and the colorful banner ads that offer favorable construction financing conditions? There are Google ads and seemingly neutral article in the responsive environment, very small and barely visible marked as an ad. And many blogs that deal with financing issues. Last but not least, there are comparative tests by magazines and institutes that regularly select Germany's best, cheapest, fairest or most service-oriented online construction financing providers. So what to do? And if you can trust whose offers you have found by means of search engines, because they are displayed in the results on the first output pages.

Rule 1: You will not find the best online construction financing provider on the first page of the search engine results and also not via the cheapest offer

Especially on online comparison platforms, the most favorable offer is clicked particularly gladly. Simply because the cheapest offer is always at the top of the recommendation list. Some online construction financiers outdo themselves in placing special bait offers. But be careful: The most favorable offers are in the vast majority of cases not those that fit your financial situation. These particularly favorable offers presuppose much own capital funds, which you can invest into the purchase of the real estate. In addition, a very high credit rating. And the term of the loan is often limited to 5 years. In addition, a minimum repayment rate is set. Who wants to compare online construction financiers, should pay attention to other criteria.

Compare online construction financiers – best with a checklist

Construction financing is a complex business. Ultimately, the aim is to finance the debt securely and as quickly as possible until the construction loan has been repaid in full. Also not insignificant: Some comparison calculators are so-called affiliate programs, d. H. The construction financing provider invests in an advertising network, in order to be presented with large range in the suitable surrounding field z. B. Gladly also in the surrounding field of allegedly neutrally arranged interest calculators, which are indicated on various web pages.

For a suitable financing offer is not the most favorable monthly rate the yardstick. Much more important are key points such as

  • The term of the contract,
  • The amount of the initial repayment,
  • The equity ratio,
  • Redemption-free periods,
  • Special repayment options,
  • Rate adjustments during the term or
  • Time free of provision interest up to the disbursement.

As a rule, the following applies: The special repayment options that are tailored to your financial possibilities, your life planning and to special cases (e.G. B. Unscheduled repayment) is usually the safest and most flexible construction financing. These are usually somewhat more expensive than the most favorable interest offers, the offerers fighting on market places for top positions, but in the allermeistensten cases for you better, since exactly to your personal life planning adapted. Keep in mind that a construction financing will normally accompany you for at least 20 years. The development of one's own financial situation can hardly be planned over this long period of time; life has too many surprises and unforeseen events in store for this. Therefore, it is always advisable "not to sew the financing on the edge".

Compare online construction financing providers with the help of reputable comparison tests

Independent institutes such as the Institute for German Service Quality (DISQ) and Stiftung Warentest, as well as media such as FocusMoney, n-tv and Wirtschaftswoche, regularly compare the offers and services of banks and online mortgage providers. This test usually helps as an orientation, because here the most favorable interest rate does not necessarily play a role. Rather quality of the service, the consultation and the specialized authority are lit up. It is advisable not only to use the results of one year, but to research how the online provider in question has performed over the course of 3-4 years. These back results can be found mostly on the online platforms of the testers.

Other test deal only with the average interest rates offered by the respective provider over a long period z. B. One year. The advantage of this is that it is never the moment that counts, but continuity. Recommendable are these interest comparison tests of the magazine FinanzTest. These are based on plausible assumptions about reasonable maturities (10 years, 15 years, 20 years) as well as reasonable repayment rates and equity ratios. In the current low-interest phase, the favorable offers of the top providers vary only in the range of decimal places. Although these offers can give orientation. However, you should not base your decision for or against a top-listed provider on this alone.

Compare online mortgage providers – the proof of the pudding is in the eating

After you have done the online research, select 3 to 4 providers. For this purpose, you use an inquiry form, which can be found on the relevant websites. Or perhaps even better: you look for the personal telephone contact. Also important: after a comprehensive discussion, you should receive an initial overview offer without obligation and free of charge.

It becomes interesting when it comes to personal contact. You should be prepared for this. You should know what cash you have, what interest and redemption payments you can afford approximately per month and which object in which location (house – apartment, city – country, purchase price) it is that you want to acquire. Evaluate exactly how much time the telephone consultant resp. The advisor takes, how well informed they are about subsidies and loan combinations and whether they understand your wishes and your financial situation. As in real life: In addition to expertise, it always comes down to "gut feeling" as well. Also important: will the Barater or. The advisor throughout the entire financing process – or do you have to deal with different people each time you call; the latter should already be a criterion for exclusion.

Online construction financing providers – usually also partners of your local agent

What many do not know. All private construction financing intermediaries – such as insurance brokers, financial advisors or wealth planners – use the online platforms. These platforms are in most cases also operated by the providers that you will find when you compare online construction financiers. Thus, the construction loans that you request through these brokers mostly come from the business portals of online construction lenders. Therefore, it always makes sense to check the offer of your private financial advisor or. Insurance broker or your house bank with an offer of one of the large on-line construction financiers to compare.

As a rule, online construction lenders, who also get their brokered loans from banks, get better conditions than the local broker or the bank branch around the corner, because they get further interest rate discounts due to the large contingents that they accept. By the way: reputable online construction financing providers do not charge you any commissions or fees; they have already priced these into the interest rate offered, even if their offers are nevertheless more favorable than those of stationary banks.

Compare online construction financiers – always with identical information

Finally, especially important: all construction financing offers that you obtain must be based on identical information. Only then you can compare seriously. These key points include:

  • Details of your monthly household income
  • Your current employment status
  • Amount of equity available to you or. Assets
  • The expose of the property or. Of the new building incl. Location information
  • Exactly comparable term of the loan contract
  • The amount of the initial repayment
  • Comparability of the special repayment options
  • Repayment and rate adjustments during the term of the loan
  • Details of the prepayment penalty if the loan is terminated before the end of the term (because you z. B. Want to sell the property)
  • Information about the time without interest until the complete disbursement of the loan (important especially for new construction projects).
  • Amount of the residual debt after expiration of the contract

If these data, which you supply on the one hand and inquire on the other hand with the Baufinanzierer, correspond exactly, you can be only safe that you receive then absolutely comparable offers. That's why it makes a lot of sense when you're comparing online construction lenders that you put a lot of time into researching and choosing. Only in this way you can be sure to get the most favorable, as tailor-made loan in the end.

Fairest construction financier 2021 – the award encourages accedo to offer tailor-made financing concepts with personal advice, competence and fairness.

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