Constantly tired and listless? – causes and tips for chronic fatigue

Do you feel tired and listless all the time? There are always days when you feel tired and listless. Fatigue is a useful protective mechanism of the body that signals we should rest. However, if you always feel tired even after periods of rest, you should get to the bottom of the causes more closely. If the tiredness lasts longer than six months, it is called chronic fatigue, which could also be caused by a disease.

The following signs may indicate chronic fatigue:

  • Reddened eyes
  • Frequent fatigue during the day for no apparent reason
  • General lack of drive
  • The ability to concentrate decreases
  • Decrease in performance
  • Limbs without strength

Possible causes of chronic fatigue
Persistent fatigue can have many causes. An improper diet, lack of sleep, stress, but also diseases can be possible causes.

  • Sleep deprivation
    A restful sleep is necessary to have enough energy for the day. Do you suffer from insomnia, have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, can't get enough energy for the next day. The consequences are fatigue, listlessness and lack of concentration.
  • False diet
    If our bodies lack important vitamins and nutrients, we are listless and less efficient. Magnesium, iron and the B vitamins are particularly important. A proper and balanced diet can combat fatigue caused by nutrient deficiencies.
  • Side effect of medication

Many medications can lead to a lack of sleep or chronic fatigue.

  • Psychotropic drugs, such as antidepressants or neuroleptics
  • Opiates and other narcotics
  • Sedative
  • Antihypertensive drugs (beta-blockers or ACE inhibitors)
  • Muscle relaxant

Fatigue as a symptom of illness

Chronic fatigue is a symptom of many different diseases. In some diseases, such as chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia, constant fatigue is a leading syndrome. In most diseases, however, fatigue occurs as a non-specific symptom.
Fatigue is a common symptom of the following diseases, among others:

  • hypothyroidism
  • Kidney Weakness
  • Low blood pressure
  • Iron deficiency with anemia
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Depression
  • Cancer
  • Heart failure
  • Kidney and liver damage

Tips against chronic fatigue

There is a lot you can do yourself to counteract fatigue.

– More light
Sunlight has a positive effect on the body and can help you feel more alert.
– Proper diet
Make sure you eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins and avoid foods that are too fatty.
– Drink enough
Make sure you drink enough (about two liters a day). Water or unsweetened tea is the best choice.
– Stimulate circulation
Anything that stimulates your circulation can help you combat persistent fatigue. Exercise regularly and get enough physical activity. Above all, exercise in the fresh air, such as regular walks, drives away fatigue. Alternating showers also have a positive effect on the circulation.
– Create balance
Take conscious time-outs and breaks in your daily routine. A short walk, a short nap or even meditation will help you regain your strength. Try to minimize stress and take distance from problems. Try not to take work home if possible.
– Plant aids
Ginseng supplements are often recommended for fatigue and weakness. Taiga root is also suitable for this purpose and is said to improve performance and concentration.

When should you see a doctor?

If you are frequently tired, over a long period of time, and for no apparent reason, you should consult a doctor, as persistent fatigue may indicate a disease. This is especially true if other symptoms occur, such as night sweats, blood in the stool or swollen lymph nodes.
A visit to the doctor is recommended if:

  • you are tired and exhausted even after sleep and recovery periods
  • the fatigue lasts for a long period of time
  • Your physical and mental performance is affected by fatigue
  • the tiredness remains without being replaced by awake phases


Chronic fatigue as a constant companion can severely limit you in your everyday life and professional life. Look for possible causes for the constant fatigue and do not be afraid to consult a doctor, as there could always be a serious illness behind chronic fatigue.

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