Consumer loan with low interest rate. Consumer loans from sberbank with a low interest rate

For many of us, consumer credit is a real opportunity to quickly solve your problems or make your life more comfortable and well organized. But the lack of the right amount – this is not a reason to take money under high and sometimes very heavy interest. Despite the variety of offers from different banks, you can not quickly find where to borrow consumer loans with low interest rates. There is a way out! More precisely, there are some secrets of how to choose the right bank and which is the most reasonable address.

What is the interest rate

When a client turns a bank for a specific purpose – to get a consumer loan in cash with a low interest rate, he compares his material possibilities and considers offers. To some extent, the client, his reputation and many other things can influence the size of interest, but most often it consists of many other factors:

  • Rising inflation;
  • Cost of maintenance of deposits from the public;
  • Economic situation in the country;
  • cost of maintaining the office of the bank and its employees.

All the above factors are in no way related to the borrower, accordingly, the customer will not be able to influence them in any way. But there are a number of circumstances that make it possible to obtain a consumer loan at more favorable conditions.

How to reduce the interest rate on a loan

To obtain consumer loans with a low interest rate in a bank, a customer with an ideal credit history can be. That is, at the time of making a cash loan, the customer must have immediately closed the loans. The absence of a credit history cannot affect the interest rate reduction.

One of the effective ways to reduce the loan rate is to participate in a salary project. There is no need for income declarations and guarantors. That is, consumer loans from Sberbank with a low interest rate are available to customers who receive their income on the plastic card of this organization and can not provide additional documents when working out a loan.

The last option is to make a loan with security, that is, to leave a promise or attract a guarantor. In this case, the bank reduces the risk of non-return to a minimum and reduces the loan rate. In the event of insolvency of the principal collects the debt of the guarantor or sells the property as collateral.

What to look for

It is quite natural that today the customer looks for the lowest interest rates on consumer loans in different banks through the Internet and compares offers. But usually, banks advertising only attract the attention of a potential customer, promising big money "almost for nothing".

Under each announcement in small print is described under what conditions and what group of people can receive a customs loan. This indicates that not every customer can get a small interest in the loan, but he can apply and can be approved, but the amount of remuneration will be significantly different from that indicated in the advertisement.

And the last trick of banks is an online application without visiting the office. That is, the customer fills out a questionnaire on the organization's website, and it is pre-approved to him. But after that, he definitely needs to come to the office with documents, where the credit conditions may be slightly different.

How to choose a bank?

So, now you need to determine how to choose a consumer loan with a low interest rate. In each city there are many branches of different banks, and on each of them there is a bright and attractive advertising. But you do not need to take a passport and go to the first department that comes there. It makes more sense to use the Internet and compare all offers online.

The search will take some time, because you need to not only look through a lot of offers, but also carefully read the terms. In some banks, insurance is mandatory for the customer, and this is not less than one percent of the loan amount. In other banks, favorable conditions only for borrowers who have applied repeatedly.

In general, it is more expedient to treat each bank separately, calculate your options and use the loan calculator. It often happens that a loan with a higher interest rate is ultimately more profitable for the borrower.

Now it is worth evaluating the most popular banks and the terms of lending in them, compare the conditions and determine which of them is the most advantageous to cooperate and why.

Sberbank of Russia

Undoubtedly, today it is the leader in the Russian market, among consumers it is positioned as a reliable and honest partner for the borrower. So, what consumer loans of Sberbank with a low interest rate can be issued today?

  • Loan "without collateral": The rate starts at 17.5% per year. The maximum loan amount is 1.5 million rubles for a period of up to 5 years.
  • "Credit with a guarantor" reduces the interest rate by one percent compared to the previous offer and increases the loan amount to 3 million rubles.
  • A loan secured by real estate owned by the company, entitled to issue a loan in the amount not exceeding 60% of the appraised value of the property with an interest rate of 15.5% for a period of up to 20 years.
  • Members of the mortgage-financed system can get a loan of up to 500.000 rubles without guarantors at 18.5% or 19.5% per year issue. With the guarantor the amount will double.

In addition, Sberbank regularly executes shares, develops new credit products, reduces credit rates for certain groups of people. Details of all offers can be found on the bank's website.


This financial institution also offers a favorable consumer loan for individuals. The low interest rate, which banks give far from any customer, starts from 16.5% and ends with 21.79% per year. It is calculated individually, depending on the requirements, guarantee is not a requirement for the borrower.

The loan amount is 30.000 rubles. It is possible to issue 2 million rubles, but only with security, that is, with a guarantee. The maximum term of the debt will last 5 years. The term of the application is up to 5 days.

VTB 24

This bank offers a consumer loan with a low interest rate – from 20.5 to 23.5%. The loan amount is up to 1 million rubles for a period of 5 years. The rate depends not only on the reputation of the customer, but also on his desire to create two types of insurance. By the way, here the potential borrowers are presented with very high requirements, and to get a loan you need a certificate of wages with a high income.

Bank of Moscow

It offers a consumer loan with a low interest rate – of 19.9%, the maximum amount – 299 thousand rubles. But such privileged conditions are available only for salary customers, the rest is raised to 26.5% per year. To make a loan, you need a certificate of income.


Consumer loans with low interest rates are offered by hundreds of banks today, and all of them definitely have favorable conditions. But don't expect financial organizations to operate at a loss to themselves. We need to adequately assess the situation and, if possible, apply to those banks that already have a successful cooperation.

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