Country doctor: there is a shortage of new blood in the countryside

Country doctor: there is a shortage of new blood in the countryside

Small towns and, above all, smaller communities that do not have good transport links and where the high-speed Internet may not yet have arrived have fundamental structural problems. Also in relation to the health care makes itself in the last years ever more clearly a lack noticeable – the land physician lack.

Yet there are more than enough physician jobs in the countryside. And not only for specialists, but also for general practitioners.

In almost every municipality a country doctor is looked for.

The current vacancies for physicians are diverse. However, instead of considering a professional future as a rural doctor, most doctors (regardless of specification) first concentrate on the somewhat larger cities or even large cities. Because there, they usually not only have the opportunity to take over a practice that is already well-established and well-stocked with patients. Here they also have plenty of cultural leisure opportunities such as museums, theaters, cinemas, social facilities such as kindergartens and schools, and of course a good infrastructure and transport links.

Especially in the countryside, where there are no such recreational opportunities and hardly any shopping facilities, the problem slowly arises for the inhabitants that it becomes difficult to get an appointment with a family doctor. And for an appointment with a specialist, you often have to travel several kilometers to the next largest city. The level of care in many rural regions has fallen sharply in recent years.

Job offers for doctors: cooperation an alternative?

Of course, you as a private person can not do much about it. After all, you can't exert any influence on the way or. Job search procedure for specialists. Who is now however even studied physician and looks for physician places, should consider, how it would be, if one would settle perhaps nevertheless rather in a structurally weak region.

When studying the job offers for physicians after their residency, many have already noticed that there is no shortage of offers to take over an individual practice as a rural physician. Many rural doctors are already having to give up their practices for reasons of age and will have to do so even more in the future, leaving even more medical positions unfilled.

In addition, these specialists leave behind sometimes already desperate inhabitants of communities in the countryside. Because they must now see where and with whom they make an appointment for the control, aftercare and precaution in the future.

Approaches to preventing the shortage of specialists in rural areas

In recent years, models have been developed especially for the aspiring rural physician, which could certainly appeal to many aspiring general practitioners and specialists looking for physician jobs. The authorities responsible for general health care in Germany have tried to create a cooperative structure in rural areas as well. And this is in the form of group practices.

Of course, we had to start here with the currently still practicing general practitioners and specialists. They are brought together with doctors willing to settle down at information events, if they are interested in cooperation.

In addition, incentives were created by the responsible persons, such as turnover guarantees, interest-free loans and establishment subsidies for specialists, who are looking for physician positions. In addition, sponsors from the KV provide advice and support to specialists who want to set up a new practice as a rural doctor, or even if they are taking over an individual practice from a retired doctor. You provide support in billing and administrative matters.

Surely these two areas are also the reason for them, why they have reduced the job offers for doctors so far only to community practices or hospitals in larger communities, cities or large towns? A rural doctor is not left alone when it comes to billing and administrative issues!

Another alternative is the independent rural doctor exchange founded in 2015 by doctors for doctors. It offers an Internet-based and above all free platform for practice takeover and practice delivery, as well as delivery of practice shares and mediates for single practice, professional practice community, practice community, medical supply center as well as the private practice.

Foundations and associations such as the Hartmannbund – Verband der Ärzte Deutschlands e.V., a free association organized at the federal level that represents the professional, economic and social interests of all physicians, dentists and medical students in Germany, advocates for cooperation within the medical profession and is a recommendable contact point for aspiring rural physicians.

The job as a rural doctor – these are the advantages

Who still has prejudices against the job offers for doctors in the country, here are some more advantages that the country life and the existence of the specialists as a country doctor can bring:

A plus is the self-determined work in one's own practice, as well as the diversity of professional activity. Physicians in private practice with families benefit from the fact that they do not have to work a regular night shift compared to a job in a hospital. They have their fixed practice hours. Weekend, night and on-call duties are also obligatory here from time to time, but the work-life balance is much more balanced and the quality of life rises.

What specialists who ultimately extended their job search for physician positions to the countryside and found a practice also appreciate over time is that they build a special rapport with their patients. They find that the interaction with patients is much more intensive, friendly and intimate in the practice as a country doctor than in a clinic. As a doctor in the countryside, you take on a very special role, for which you are usually held in high esteem by the residents.

Last but not least, the urban environment also plays a major role. Unlike in the cities, where highways and the corresponding noises do disturb the atmosphere a bit, communities and cities in the countryside offer beautiful nature with a high recreational value, such as. B. Hiking in the surrounding forests and across the fields. Since there is not so much traffic in the countryside, the air here is also much cleaner.

In addition, the cost of living in the countryside is much lower than in the city. A factor not to be forgotten for many prospective rural doctors.

Vacancies for doctors wanted?

Good arguments, then, that make rural physician positions attractive. Whether as a family doctor or. General practitioner or also specialist. Reason enough to take a closer look at job openings for physicians.

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