Credit broker announces home visit after online application

What is to be held of it, if a credit mediator offers house visits?

There are still these types of credit brokers who want to pay you a home visit after an online application has been submitted. But what would be the point, to whom could a visit at home this?

Some credit mediators have found their trick in it, credit prospective customers after an on-line inquiry completely simply the attendance at home to pay.

Advice on financing

During this personal visit, financing should be discussed in order to discuss the unproblematic loan. Of course, this would go – as advertised – without involving a troublesome Schufaauskunft.

Predominant goal of the "advisor" might be again and again to require the visited one a reimbursement of expenses, which contains the computation for expenditure of time and journey.

Prospective customers in financial straits often sign without thinking about it

But humans, who are in financial emergency, are for the tricks of the Bauernfanger the ideal victims. Without thinking clearly, they sign almost anything to the "consultant" in their naivety – often with far-reaching consequences.

Attention: Such rip-off contracts should not be signed under any circumstances. Better still, one says to such – usually unserious – house calls of rigoros no. Once a consultant is in the house, he will show his persuasive skills and not leave before he has the signature.

The "consultant" now collects – by cash payment, cash on delivery or bank transfer – from the naive prospective customer the expense or expense lump sum.

But where is the promised, long-awaited credit?

You could have guessed it by now: There is no. The "consultant" ( >> or dubious loan shark) got the signature to recognize a lump sum for expenses, but there is nothing there about a loan.

A rejection then looks like the following or similar

"After reviewing your documents, we have to inform you to our regret that the processing bank unfortunately can not grant you a loan."

If the "credit mediator" did not intend to arrange a loan in the first place, this would constitute a crime of fraud. A criminal relevance would thus be given. In this case, consumers are always advised to file a complaint with the police against the fraudster.

Also, challenging the signed contract on the grounds of deception would have a chance of success. It would look different legally if the provider, actually and demonstrably, mediates loans.

Keep your hands off such "offers" to make house calls. If a provider gives you notice of a house call, you should decline rigorously. In this case, it is better to look for another – reputable – provider!

Which mediator can be recommended? Use the offers of the broker Bon-Kredit. The company has been on the market for over four decades and offers no u.E. Dubious house calls to.

You should know that: Banks automatically reject with negative Schufa. Not so with the Swiss mediator Bon credit. Here it is examined exactly, in how far the Schufaeintrag is relevant. If there was a wage or salary garnishment, an account garnishment or an "affidavit" in the last three years, it is also with this provider nothing with the credit!

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