Credit without schufa for new cell phone

Smartphones that are totally hip, look classy and offer hundreds of functions are tempting. They simply belong and have become an indispensable companion in daily life. Fast are 600,- to 1.000,- Euro away, you would like to treat yourself to the latest model from Apple, Sony or Samsung. The new smartphone you have chosen quickly, but cash or credit on the account is unfortunately lacking. Not bad, because you have a house bank and around such a huge credit it does not concern after all. Asking costs nothing and so you make an appointment and ask for a loan to be able to buy the new top smartphone soon. But out of the dream, so quickly it will be nothing with the credit. The Schufa entry is negative. Your house bank puts you off and assures you that you do not have to try other banks at all. What now? An expensive cell phone contract including a new top smartphone? But even for this, the Schufa is queried and if the score is bad, it will also nothing with a cell phone contract. What options remain now, if you do not want to bury the dream of the new top smartphone? Cell phone on installment purchase? Cell phone credit without Schufa? Cell phone contract without Schufa? We present several ways you can apply for a loan without Schufa for your new cell phone and several alternative that may be suitable for you.


A new cell phone also with Schufa entry

The first variant to get a new cell phone or smartphone without Schufa information, is the loan without Schufa information. The banks, which mediate a credit without Schufa, can be counted on one hand. And yet there are a few trustworthy providers. Maxda is one of these providers for a cell phone loan without Schufa. Maxda is not a bank, but a credit broker. For more than 40 years Maxda helps thousands of customers to a loan, even if it is sometimes difficult. And how does Maxda? The application for a cell phone loan without Schufa is made online. After receiving the loan application, Maxda passes the request to banks and selects the bank with the best offer. A Schufa entry, other loans or minor payment irregularities are usually no problem to get a cell phone loan without Schufa. The processing of the loan application for a cell phone loan without Schufa then takes place by mail, so you do not have to put up with personal conversations and explanations. Maxda charges no fees for the loan and the credit offer is 100% free of charge. You only need to fill out the 18. Have reached the age of 18 and attach the required documents to the printed loan application.

New smartphone despite Schufa? Cell phone installment purchase!

First consider what financial obligations you have to cope with monthly and whether there are still sufficient funds to be able to regularly service another contract for 12 or 24 months. If you are sure that you can afford between 20,- and 40,- Euro each month for an installment payment, there is the possibility to buy a new cell phone on installments. This option is offered by various online mail order companies and electronics stores. This means you can conveniently pay for an Apple iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy or a Sony Xperia in small monthly installments. But beware: for an installment purchase, a Schufa query is also made. You should not have payment irregularities for a loan or arrears with a telephone company. In addition, you should keep an eye on the interest rates for the loan, because depending on the provider, term and amount of interest, the dream of a cell phone can quickly become 50, – to 100, – euros more expensive.

If the installment purchase is approved, it will not take long and you will receive your smartphone or cell phone. Now all you need is a SIM card and you can use the new smartphone.

Cell phone with contract despite Schufa – also possible

You do not want to opt only for a cell phone credit without Schufa, but instead still looking for a cell phone contract without Schufa? This is also possible, although with small restrictions. And we will gladly explain. The little secret of the mobile phone providers, each new customer brings cash money and there one makes also already times small concessions to the Schufa information. And the competition does not sleep, the market is huge. This is your chance to conclude a cell phone contract despite Schufa.

A variant of a cell phone contract including a new top smartphone are so-called postpaid offers. With a postpaid mobile phone contract, the costs are billed in arrears and debited from the account by direct debit at the end of the month. Postpaid mobile phone contracts are usually concluded for a term of 24 months. However, there are also providers who offer a postpaid cell phone contract with monthly cancellation, but in return raise the cost of use somewhat.

Among the mobile phone providers that offer a mobile phone contract even with minor problems with the Schufa are, for example, BASE, simyo, o2, 1&1 and otelo. The aforementioned mobile phone providers check fair. This means for you, you should have no negative Schufa entries regarding previous mobile phone providers and also not with your telecommunications company for your fixed line connection. Of course, we can not give you a guarantee on a cell phone contract and also no promise, because ultimately each provider decides itself after the Schufa information, whether he wants to conclude a cell phone contract with you. It is certain that even with a negative credit rating a cell phone contract is possible.

Cell phone credit successful, but which rate is the right one?

You have now decided on a variant for a cell phone loan without Schufa and found a solution even with a negative credit rating. The cell phone loan without Schufa was successful, but which tariff is now the right one? Consider in the first step, how high the monthly costs may be, which you have to bear in the next 12 or 24 months.

If you have opted for a credit without Schufa for the cell phone, add the monthly repayment to the ongoing mobile phone charges. If you have concluded an installment purchase for the new smartphone, also consider these ongoing costs.

Among the cheapest offers for mobile phone contracts are the allnet flats of different providers. An all-net flat usually includes inclusive minutes for calling, a text message flat and a data flat, which offers a monthly inclusive volume for surfing. With an Allnet Flat you have full cost control and can count on a fixed amount each month for the repayment of the smartphone and the mobile costs. Allnet flats from various providers are available for as little as 10 euros a month, so that the total monthly costs for a new cell phone plus a cell phone contract range from about 20 to 50 euros.

And which model is really worthwhile financially?

In summary, it can be said that a cell phone loan without Schufa is possible, but all the models presented definitely have disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage of a loan with negative creditworthiness is the high interest rates, because all providers make the increased risk pay with high interest rates.

Disadvantages of a cell phone purchase on installments are also the interest, unless you catch with a little luck an interest-free financing. Due to the installment payment with interest, the new cell phone will cost between 50 and 100 euros more in the end.

If it is only a small Schufa entry, it is worth looking for a provider who offers a favorable contract with a new cell phone / smartphone. Here we have presented BASE, simyo, o2, 1&1 and otelo, which check fairly whether a contract is possible despite negative credit rating. A new smartphone can also be realized with a cheap cell phone contract, without having to take out a cell phone loan or make an installment payment. Offers for a cell phone contract despite negative credit rating can be found via We have compiled a variety of different cell phone providers where you can get a contract including cell phone / smartphone, which is both cheap and offers a lot of benefits.

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