Favorable rescheduling of loans

Those who reschedule can benefit from the current low interest rates! We find a more favorable loan for customers and help you save a lot of money!

Reschedule a real estate loan

Who finances a real estate, must calculate over many years. Those who have an older loan usually still have to pay relatively high interest rates. However, many do not know: A loan can be terminated after 10 years term without prepayment penalty!

Rescheduling a real estate loan

Change construction financing!

Reason 1: Anyone who reschedules a loan usually has a high level of equity capital. With this equity there are very favorable interest rates!

Reason 2: Those who have an older loan often pay over 3-4% interest per year. Newer loans often allow an eff. Interest rate of 0.7 to 1.5% per year.

Change construction financing!

Advantages with a debt restructuring

In a debt restructuring, the land charge is transferred from one bank to another. From this there are many advantages:

  • More favorable interest, since higher own contribution
  • More favorable interest, since lower prime rate
  • Often shorter term, as interest rates are lower
  • Lower rate agreed (optional)
  • Independent brokerage

How much the individual savings are can be calculated in a counseling interview.

Old loans can be cancelled after 10 years without prepayment penalty.

Even with a commitment of z.B. 20 years, a loan can be canceled to take advantage of current favorable interest rates.

If you want to change lenders (rescheduling), you must give notice to the old bank. After 10 years of term, you can cancel the loan. The time limit here is six months.

Contact us prior to your termination so that we can match you with a lender early in the process. (Bank, Insurance, Building Society)

In the case of initial financing, probably only banks came into question for you, as less than 40% equity capital was available.

If you refinance, you will often have paid off more than 40% of the property value. This also makes favorable loans from insurance companies come into consideration and they can benefit from their favorable interest rates.

You can reschedule both real estate loans and installment loans. For example, you can also reschedule an expensive car loan to another bank.

Unlike real estate loans, simple loans (for motor vehicles, renovation, free use) can be cancelled without a waiting period.

We can give you more information during a phone call or a personal appointment.

You can also cancel your residual debt insurance when rescheduling your debt.

In the case of a change you have a special termination option, so you can save money again here.

If you are interested, you can also take out a more favorable life insurance policy (optional).

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