Federal education loan program

Through the federal government's education loan program, a temporary, low-interest loan is offered to support students and pupils in advanced stages of their education. Since the federal government provides a deficiency guarantee to the disbursing KfW banking group, an offer is created for trainees who are more often unable to provide collateral, which is not available on the capital market.

The education loan can be used by students who receive benefits under the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG) to finance extraordinary expenses not covered by BAföG (z.B. special study materials, excursions, school or tuition fees) be granted in addition to BAföG funding. For those who are not supported by the BAföG, the educational loan is intended to secure and accelerate their education.

There is no legal entitlement to the education loan.


The education loan can be obtained by adult pupils in the penultimate or final year of a vocational training program, as well as students in an advanced phase of their education. This includes students who

  • have passed the intermediate examination of their course of study, or submit a written declaration from the training institution stating that an intermediate examination is not required in the course of study and that the usual services have been rendered,
  • Have successfully completed the first part of their consecutive degree program,
  • A master's or master's degree program as defined in section 19 of the Higher Education Act (HRG) or a postgraduate diploma program as defined in section 18 para. 1 sentences 1 to 3 HRG operate,
  • Are pursuing an additional, supplementary or postgraduate degree and already have a degree in an undergraduate degree program
  • or who are participating in a domestic or foreign internship that is carried out in connection with their studies.

Only training at training institutions that are included in the BAföG funding range are funded. The education loan can also be granted for attending a foreign educational institution if it is equivalent to attending a domestic educational institution. In addition, approval of the credit is also possible during participation in an internship that is carried out in connection with attendance at a recognized or equivalent training institution.

The education loan is granted to Germans as defined by the German Basic Law (Grundgesetz) as well as to foreigners who belong to one of the groups mentioned in paragraph 8 of the BAföG (Federal Education and Training Assistance Act). The loan is made only until the end of the month in which the trainee reaches 36. At the age of 18.

Education loan drawdowns are generally only available until the end of 12. university semester possible. About the end of the 12. Beyond the first semester, the loan can be granted to trainees at universities if they are admitted to the final examination and the examining body certifies that they will be able to complete the training within the possible funding period.

The income and assets of the trainee or his parents do not matter.

Size of the loan

The education loan is paid monthly in advance in installments of 300 euros by the KfW banking group. Up to 24 monthly installments can be approved within one training period. The number of monthly installments may be limited to a smaller number, but not less than three, upon request. Dividing the total loan into more than two parts is not possible.

The loan is to be charged interest from the time of disbursement. Until the start of repayment, the interest is deferred. The interest rate charged by KfW Bankengruppe is the European Offered Rate (EURIBOR) with a term of 6 months plus a premium of one percent.

Application process and consultation

Apply for the education loan in writing at the Federal Office of Administration in 50728 Cologne, Germany (application forms are available there as well as at the offices for education funding) or on the Internet. If the eligibility requirements are met, the Federal Office of Administration issues a notice of approval that entitles the trainee to enter into a loan agreement with the KfW banking group. The contract offer attached to the approval notice must be accepted and signed and sent to KfW Bankengruppe within one month. The payment is made directly by the KfW banking group.

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