Financial downturn? Then get the small loan 🤗!

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The car goes on strike or unexpected bills arrive? You just can not manage to pay everything at once? A small loan can be a solution for such problems. With sums of a few hundred euros you can cover unforeseen expenses without having to resort to an expensive overdraft facility. And the best: The small loan is applied mega fast!

Your benefits at MONETOS

  • MONETOS helps you to find your suitable small loan, super fast and mega easy!
  • For this you can easily use the loan comparison ➡ start best right now with it.
  • The small loan is quickly applied for. The best, this even goes completely online!
  • You still have questions? No problem, we are happy to help you! Just contact us, a consultant will answer all your questions. Under the number: 0800 2233002, 7 days a week from 8-20 o'clock.

You need a new TV?

No problem with MONETOS

The small loan as a savior in an emergency!

You have lost track of the different forms of credit? Do not panic, we will now give you an overview of the most important details of the small loan:

  • Credit amount up to 10.000€
  • For various purchases such as laptop, television or car repairs
  • Super fast applied, if you want also fully digital
  • Payout within 24 hrs. (with complete online application)
  • Check criteria less strict

❕ Our advice for you ❕

You really need only a mini amount to bridge? Then there is the mini-credit! With the mini loan you can borrow a small amount of money from 500 to 1.Borrow 000 euros. This loan is quickly applied for and quickly processed. The term of the mini loan is usually short, but the interest rates are higher than for an installment loan.

Small loan vs. Overdraft facility: That's why a small loan is the better decision! 💡

You have an overdraft facility? And pay your bills with it? However, this can often become a cost trap. As a rule, the interest rates are quite high, not to mention the overdraft rates. If it's not possible for you to get your account back into the black quickly, a short-term loan with fair terms is a better choice.

Let our colleagues at MONETOS advise you which is the best solution for you! Feel free to call 0800 2233002, 7 days a week from 8am-8pm.

In three steps to your custom-fit small loan!

You just do not know what is the right loan for you? Then simply do the credit comparison at MONETOS. The is super easy to use and gives you all the info you need! In it you simply enter the amount you want to borrow, the purpose of the loan and the loan term. And the calculator already spits out top offers for you.

Suitable offer found? Nice! Then make yourself comfortable and apply for the loan fully digitally from your sofa:

✍ Fill out a loan application: First enter how much money you want to borrow. Then enter your desired rate or. the desired loan term. Remember: The sooner you pay off the loan, the cheaper it will be. But then the monthly repayment installments will also be higher. Afterwards, you still specify the purpose for the loan and enter your personal data – then you can submit the form.

🖊 Fill out and sign the credit offer: Afterwards you will receive a credit offer. Fill this out completely and sign it.

💻 Personal identification: Indentify yourself now online with the Videoident procedure.
Once you have sent everything, the bank will process your application and decide whether or not to grant you the loan. If the decision is positive, you will receive the requested small loan immediately on your account.

Everything checked off? The bank has promised you the loan. Perfect, then your money will be there soon! Even if the banks often advertise with a small loan instant payment – keep in mind that until the credit on the account usually still a few days (depending on the bank about between 24 and 48 hours) can pass.

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