Finding business premises for company founders – what to look for when choosing commercial real estate!

After the business plan and the founding of the company, you naturally also need suitable business premises for a successful start-up. Young companies in particular have great difficulty in finding suitable commercial real estate that meets the requirements of a freshly founded start-up. Whether one chooses an office building, a shopping center or a commercial property with large storage areas, should be well thought out accordingly. So the first thing to do is to determine what is needed. Likewise it is important to dare a small prognosis for the future. Where do you see your business in two or three years time? What business growth can be expected? How many employees are needed?

These and other questions occupy many company founders when starting a business. Company founders have the choice between an existing commercial property and the construction of a completely new building complex that serves as a company location. Both variants can convince with some advantages and disadvantages, so that the decision-making is not quite simple. For this reason, we have designed a guide to help you choose a suitable commercial property with a few tips and tricks.

The options for financing a commercial property

Hardly any company founders have such high reserves after the start of the company that a commercial property can be paid for completely out of their own pocket. Accordingly, the purchase or construction of a commercial property often requires an additional financial injection in the form of a loan. In order to get a rough overview of the costs and offers for construction financing and loan financing for a commercial property, it is especially worthwhile to take a look at the internet. Various portals such as Hüttig & Rompf also make it possible to apply for construction financing for a commercial property . It is very easy to calculate the financing requirements using a financing calculator. Depending on the construction project and equity, there are very different financing offers. Unlike credit financing via a house bank, it is much easier to obtain a loan online, which is why more and more company founders are opting for an online loan instead of going to their house bank.

Determine the exact need

Many company founders are unsure which commercial property is ultimately the right one. Similar to private housing, it's important to clarify your needs in advance. For example, the first thing to clarify is the location. Is the location important for the commercial property? Can employees and business partners easily find the company location? Do you want the business premises to give a prestigious impression?
After answering these questions, it is important to clarify the size of the commercial property. Startups should keep in mind that once the company is up and running, it can quickly grow in leaps and bounds. If new employees need to be hired to meet customer demand, additional office space is usually needed. Accordingly, it often makes sense to choose a commercial property that is larger than what is needed to start the business.

Furnishing the business premises incurs additional costs

Of course, the purchase or construction of a commercial property is by no means the end of the process. Finally, it takes all kinds of equipment to be able to use a commercial property in a company-oriented manner. Expenses for setting up a startup later on should be factored in when applying for a loan, as follows. Expenses for computers and other technology can quickly cost in the high five figures, so these costs should also be factored into budget planning.

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