House financing for families – this is how you manage it!

When families are looking for a house, money is often a problem. Finally, a construction financing must be linked to certain securities. But with children in the luggage life can be quite turbulent. It is even worse when it comes to young families. Often the parents are only recently in the occupation active and do not have an unlimited work contract. Who is interested now in real estates, sees itself confronted with many obstacles. In this guide, we give tips on how a family can save and benefit from good conditions.

What are the options for construction financing?


The dream of many families – the own house

The bottom line is that our state is interested in many families finding a home. Ideally through construction financing. In order to be able to grasp the young people under the arms, there are promotions. This is what you get when you want to buy, renovate or modernize a property. The first point of contact at this point should be the federal state. However, you must live in the house you are building or renovating yourself. You will receive favorable interest rates on loans, expenditure subsidies or building cost subsidies. Federal and state governments often even provide a guarantee. Municipalities provide young families with inexpensive building plots. People who live in poorer circumstances also benefit.

If you are in unreasonable circumstances, you will receive, for example, in Lower Saxony a loan for 35.000 euros, which is interest-free for the first ten years. Of course, you must also meet certain requirements. The Housing Promotion Act is authoritative in this respect. The annual income plays an important role. One-person households may not have more than 12.000 euros earn. Two-person households no more than 18.000. Each additional dependent who is part of the family household raises the limit by 4.100. Each child provides an increase of 500 euros.

  • Federal and state governments have targeted programs
  • Construction financing is thus greatly facilitated
  • However, you must meet certain requirements (find out more about this)

What other advantages do children bring to home financing?

There are many other ways in which you can seek better and sustainable financing. For example, there is a state child bonus for construction financing. However, we would like to point out right away that this depends on where you live. For this, a visit to the website recommended. Also interesting is the data base "money of the mayor". Here you can get an overview of which federal states and municipalities offer attractive programs for families.

What the subsidy looks like varies. For the most part, these are favorable loans. However, there are also cities that provide direct subsidies. For example, you can receive a discount of several thousand euros on a plot of land. How high the remission is, depends on the number of children. It is also interesting that some churches offer favorable loans for families. In addition, leasehold properties can thus be acquired.

Are there other alternatives?

We have told you so far about state and church subsidies. But what about private institutions, such as credit institutions or insurance companies?? Do not get your hopes up too high. Some institutions see children as an obstacle in the career path, which in turn leads to a credit risk. Therefore, it can also be explained why young families hardly receive better conditions when financing a house from a bank. Nevertheless, do not give up hope. Some banks have certainly recognized that these are customers who have a little more capital in the medium-term future. For this we recommend a comparison on the Internet. Percentage information, costs and other concerns can be compared easily and quickly.

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