Iveco emissions scandal: motorhomes also implicated in diesel scandal

Iveco emissions scandal: motorhomes also implicated in diesel scandal

In July 2020, there were raids at Fiat and Iveco. The latter manufactures, among other things, motorhomes. Therefore, these are also now covered by the emissions scandal. Considering the high purchase costs of mobile homes, the potential damages here are enormous.


Which RV engines are affected in the emissions scandal?

On 22.07.In 2020, investigators from Germany, Switzerland and Italy conducted raids at ten sites of carmakers Fiat Chrysler and CNH Industrial. These are responsible for the production of cars and commercial vehicles of the Fiat, Jeep, Alfa Romeo and Iveco brands.

Investigators are investigating the suspicion that inadmissible defeat devices were installed in the vehicles. The suspected vehicles, 200 alone.000 in Germany, is therefore now threatened with decommissioning.

As the public prosecutor's office Frankfurt communicates, because of the suspicion of the fraud one investigates. The following engines and vehicles are suspected of having inadmissible defeat devices:

Family B engines with Euro 5 and Euro 6 emissions standards, which were installed in models from Fiat, Jeep and Alfa Romeo:

As well as light duty and heavy duty engines used in Fiat and Iveco:

In each case, it is about vehicles that were built between 2014 and 2019.

The prosecutor's office is asking people who purchased relevant vehicles in the above-mentioned period to make themselves available as witnesses. The Frankfurt Police Department has also issued this call for witnesses, expanding on the engines involved:

Which Iveco models are affected?

Iveco manufactures commercial vehicles, including vans, trucks, buses, but also motorhomes. The company currently offers three motorhomes: The Daily HI-MATIC, the Daily 4×4 and the Eurocargo.

Other motorhome manufacturers also use Iveco engines and chassis, which is why the emissions scandal is spreading much further and could involve a large proportion of motorhomes registered in Germany.

At least the following motorhomes were produced between 2014 and 2019 and on the basis of an Iveco. The probability that they have an inadmissible defeat device is therefore high:

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Italian authorities do nothing

As the Frankfurt public prosecutor's office announced at the end of October 2020, it had already received several hundred complaints against Fiat and Iveco. Affected motorists are fighting back! Meanwhile, the Stuttgart public prosecutor's office has begun investigating Iveco.

The KBA and the Italian authorities, on the other hand, are keeping a low profile. The KBA says it has contacted the authorities in Italy, but that they do not share the KBA's view of the offending functions. The KBA is therefore not aware of any measures on the Italian side either. The investigations, at least on the part of the KBA, therefore seem to come to nothing. The Italian state has so far been very restrained in the Fiat emissions scandal anyway. Presumably this is due to their own interests, as the state holds shares in Fiat and therefore tries to prevent rather than support investigations. The situation is very similar in France, where investigators were able to prove that Peugeot and Citroen had inadmissible defeat devices, but there is no sign of any consequences for the car manufacturers.

First recall for Iveco models

In February 2021, the Federal Motor Transport Authority published an action concerning Iveco in its recall database. Affected in this case is the Iveco Daily. The problem according to KBA:

"Due to unsuitable software, malfunctions can occur, through which the reduction of nitrogen oxides if necessary. worsens."

In other words: The vehicles emit too much nitrogen oxide – the classic in the diesel scandal. According to the KBA, the engine control unit data set will be updated to fix the problem. This is therefore a software update. This is also the usual "solution. Nor is it a voluntary recall measure. The KBA is still investigating whether to monitor the recall. However, it could be the start of a major mandatory recall for various Iveco vehicles (including motorhomes). This is because time and again in the emissions scandal it happens that recalls are initially voluntary and are only transformed into a mandatory measure over time (as in the case of z.B. at Opel or Mercedes).

The Fiat emissions scandal

Fiat is also involved in the emissions scandal. The raids involved models produced between 2014 and 2019. But the accusations against Fiat are not new. In the U.S., the company already paid $800 million in civil penalties, or. To Fiat owners to compensate them in the diesel scandal. Affected in the U.S. are about 100.000 vehicles, including the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Ram 1500.

Investigations against Fiat have also been ongoing in Germany for some time. Thus, the suspicion that at least the Fiat 500x has an inadmissible defeat device is obvious. Measurements by Deutsche Umwelthilfe showed that this model had extremely poor nitrogen oxide values on the road. The limit value for Euro 6 vehicles of 80 milligrams per kilometer was exceeded by a factor of 17. During the measurements, around 1.400 milligrams reached. The cut-off device that Fiat uses works like a timer. After about 22 minutes the exhaust gas cleaning is switched off. So on the test bench, where the test does not take longer, it works, but when driving on the road for more than 22 minutes, it does not work anymore.

If you own a motorhome from Iveco or a Fiat Diesel, then we can check for you whether the vehicle is affected by the emissions scandal. The acquisition costs especially of motorhomes can be immense. Accordingly, it is annoying when you find out that the vehicle has been tampered with.

If there is an unauthorized disconnecting device in your motorhome, you are entitled to compensation for damages. In the event of a successful claim for damages, you return the vehicle to the manufacturer and in return receive a refund of the purchase price. Alternatively, especially if there are high mileages and these must be credited in the context of a compensation for use, the so-called small compensation offers itself. You keep the vehicle and are additionally awarded damages of about 20-25% of the purchase price.

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