Kfw energy consulting – when is it necessary and what does it provide??

Reducing energy demand is an ideal way to protect the climate and the environment. When building and modernizing, energy consumption therefore plays an important role. In this article, you will learn when energy consulting is worthwhile, what funding options are available for consulting and how to find the right energy consultant for your KfW grant.

What does an energy consultant for KfW funding do??

Energy consultants manage energy-efficient construction and renovation projects. From an initial assessment of which measures make sense, through construction supervision, to results monitoring, the professionals support the entire process.

Services of the energy consultant at a glance:

  • Analysis of the actual state
  • Search for thermal bridges and weak points
  • Advice on sensible measures
  • Examining the economic viability of the project
  • Preparation of a renovation concept
  • Planning the measures
  • Supervision of construction
  • Control and confirmation of the implemented measures

In addition, the professional provides support in applying for subsidies and is also available to assist you with an energy-efficient new construction project. The preparation of an energy certificate is also part of the services of the energy consultant.

How to find the right energy consultant for KfW funding?

The Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) grants subsidies and low-interest loans for energy-efficient construction projects. The German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) also provides support through various subsidy programs. If you want to benefit from the subsidies and loans, you must work with an energy consultant certified for KfW and BAFA subsidies. Without the support of this professional, there are no subsidies.

It is therefore important that you choose a building energy consultant who meets the requirements of the federal subsidy program and can provide evidence of appropriate certification.

Good to know: You can find a suitable energy consultant in your area on the KfW and BAFA energy efficiency expert list. The EnergieeffizienzExperten website helps you find a certified professional in your area. After entering your zip code and other information about the property and the planned measures, you will receive a list of possible energy consultants for your BAFA or KfW subsidy.

What does an energy consultant cost?

The amount of the bill for the expert's energy consultation depends, among other things, on the planned measures and the size of the property. The workload of the specialist also plays a role in the costs.

The following table shows guideline values for various properties:

Property Costs
Single-family house, 140-150 sqm ca. 600 €
Apartment building, 3-9 parties ca. 750 €
Multi-family house with 10 or more parties ca. 1.600 €

If the building energy consultant not only takes over an analysis, but is active accompanying the building project, costs of several thousand euros are possible.

What grants are available when you hire an energy consultant?

KfW contributes to the cost of an energy consultant for individual measures and new construction projects under the following programs:

  • Federal subsidy for efficient buildings – loans KfW 261 and 262
  • Federal funding for efficient buildings – grant KfW 461

BAFA also subsidizes various individual measures for energy-efficient refurbishment. Here you will also receive subsidies for consulting with a certified professional. Possible to cover 60 percent of eligible costs, with an upper limit of 800 euros for a one- or two-family house. Real estate with 3 and more residential units are subsidized with a maximum of 1.100 Euro subsidized.

In order to benefit from the subsidies, various requirements must be met: For example, the property must serve residential purposes and be located in Germany. In addition, construction may not begin before funding is approved.

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