Kindergarten financing: fast and uncomplicated to the kita-credit

If you want to found a KiTa or finance the real estate for a kindergarten in Germany, there are many aspects to consider. Find out which financing options are available for your project.

Who actually founds or finances a kindergarten? There are basically two options here: Once the kindergarten operator and the real estate investor who provides the building for the kindergarten. In principle, anyone can act as a private operator. But the public sector can also act as a financier. Especially in view of the current shortage of KiTa places, it is more important than ever to also talk about the financing of these facilities. According to a 2018 study, Germany is already short about 273.000 KiTa places. However, since there is a legal right to a kindergarten place in Germany, the construction and expansion of a daycare center is supported by subsidy programs. These can vary significantly from state to state, even from municipality to municipality. However, they offer a good opportunity to benefit from low interest rates and lower financing amounts for your kindergarten.

What do operators need to consider when financing a kindergarten??

Since the financing of KiTas in Germany differs greatly within individual cities, there is no blanket answer here. If you are a sponsor looking to finance a daycare center, you should consider the following points in particular:

Tip 1: Funding programs

In many cases, part of the financing is covered by a subsidy program or a subsidized loan for daycare centers. Often these options are not offered directly by the bank advisor, so actively ask whether you are entitled to a subsidy share. Alternatively: use an online platform to post your funding request. There, your entitlement to a subsidy share is checked directly and automatically taken into account in the financing solution.

Tip 2: Grants from the state or municipality

In addition, you can check whether you qualify for subsidies from the federal state or the municipality by founding a kindergarten. Depending on the municipality in which you want to build the daycare center, it may be possible to partially fund the project through such grants. In any case, you should carry out this check before going to your banking partner, so that you can already take this information with you into the conversation. Include this information in your investment plan and adjust your final financing amount accordingly. Because in case of doubt, the bank advisor does not know the exact guidelines and programs of your municipality. So be prepared.

Find the optimal financing for your daycare center

You want to finance a KiTa or are looking for a loan for a kindergarten? Our financing professionals have already helped many daycare centers obtain appropriate financing.

Stefanie Oehlenschläger, Member of the Board Waldorfkindergarten Gänsweide e.V.
''I didn't think that financing could be so uncomplicated.''

We are also happy to help you with your project and find the funding source that fits your individual needs. Get free advice now and submit your no-obligation inquiry for your kindergarten here:

Financing a kindergarten real estate

Kindergarten property

Often the nursery operator and real estate owner are different people. In most cases, daycare centers remain in a property for a long time. So here, long leases are a clear advantage for the landlord. The real estate investor is thus offered a long-term stable interest rate on the capital invested in the property.

The right partner for daycare financing

Finding a suitable partner for financing the property can sometimes prove to be a very lengthy process. For this type of financing in particular, banks and financial service providers need a lot of information and documents for the preparation of offers – and not every bank specializes in real estate financing. If you also want to compare several offers (which is definitely advisable), this process takes a lot of time and effort. Here, too, the Internet can help. Online platforms can provide relief at this point: With just one request, you can get offers from various banks and save many hours comparing offers for your kindergarten. In addition, an independent consultant reviews your financing project and can thus support you in a quick loan approval, give tips or even create the entire financing plan for you. So the chance of a more favorable financing increases.

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