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Today directly money in your account! Credit already from 0.00! With this slogan advertises Ofina credit . How to say no to this! And should you? Fifi Finance examines and compares. Ofina Kredit is an offer of FFG FinanzCheck Finanzportale GmbH . Ofina offers online loans from 1000 euro to 50.000 euro.

Online credit fast and cheap

Ofina is an online loan product of Fidor Bank (as well as O2, which it is through Finanzcheck.De offers. You fill in the credit request form online. Are you satisfied with the offer? Soon you identify yourself with VideoIdent and sign the offer.

Ofina video identification

Payment is made within 30 minutes! However, there are some conditions, such as a (free) current account with the same Fidor Bank. Furthermore, you need to show an online account statement (Kontoblick) as proof of income.

Ofina credit despite Schufa

Ofina loan requires proof of income and queries your Schufa data. But that does not mean that you can not get a loan with a negative Schufa entry, probably only under less favorable conditions. The prerequisite is a regular and sufficient income from a permanent employment relationship (not for the self-employed).

A favorable installment loan becomes quite unlikely with a bad Schufa score. (FinancialCheck.En )

Which bank gives credit despite negative Schufa?

There are several ways to get credit with negative Schufa besides Ofina Kredit. For example, such a negative starting point does not prevent you from a loan from private individuals. Furthermore, you can also try to get credit abroad.

Schufa score worsened by credit

In the detailed online information about the credit Ofina only points out that the credit request does not affect the Schufascore, schufaneutral is. But, as Ofina says it: start the credit request without hesitation and free of charge, we would not recommend to you.

It is the truth, but definitely not the most important part of the truth. Because, if asked directly, an Ofina employee admits that "the credit will definitely be entered in the Schufa", there is no escape. Only the request is inconsequential.

The Ofina credit is definitely registered in the Schufa.

How favorable is Ofina credit?

Ofina credit rates and costs (examples)

Credit amount Term Monthly. Rate Eff. Interest. Costs
1000 € 12 months 83 € 0,00% 0 € (1)
10.000 € 7 years from 121,93 € from 4,24 from 242 € (2)
50.000 € 10 years from 749,61 € up to 13,62% 40.000 € (3)

(1) Best case, d.H. With a regular and sufficient income from a permanent employment relationship.

(2) At best, d.H. With a regular and sufficient income from an unlimited employment contract with a term of 84 months = 7 years.

(3) Worst case up to 39.953,64 €: Example is not on Ofinawebsite, but we calculated on credit calculator with maximum Ofina interest rate 13,62% p.A. (dd. 29.10.2019) and the maximum term of 120 months = 10 years. Not counting overrun costs, unscheduled repayments and other temptations.

However, two-thirds of all customers receive an annual effective interest rate of 4.24%, a fixed borrowing rate p. A. 4.16%, monthly. Rate 137,43 €, resulting in a total amount of 11.543,77 € leads. At worst, an Ofina customer with negative Schufa pays an effective interest rate as high as 13,62

Ofina extra costs

Loan providers compete with each other publicly with the lowest interest rates. It is therefore hardly surprising that loan interest is not responsible for the largest cost item. Money earns the bank by on the background lying extra costs. So you have to be careful.

Furthermore, with loans it is always true that if you need money, you can never be 100% sure that you will be able to pay it back on time. And with Ofina Kredit free installment breaks are not possible. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the worst case scenario.

Overrun costs

The overdue charges are the usual ones at Ofina: Reminder €3, the statutory interest on arrears (the default interest rate is from the 1. July 2019 4.12%), collection according to the 1.3 standard fee (€104.00 to €725.40) and a flat rate for expenses of €20. Actual bailiff costs vary. Read more.

Special repayment

It could be convenient, if you have money available again faster than expected, to make extra repayments and save costs in this way. But if you save costs, that costs the bank. Therefore, even with Ofina credit unscheduled repayments are possible at any time, but not free of charge.

As unscheduled repayment fee you pay 1% of the remaining amount: for a loan of 10.000 € so at worst 100 € extra for an unscheduled repayment.


In this way, the bank keeps your clientele as long as possible. Time that Ofina credit through FinanzCheck.De used to seduce you further. From the moment you send a credit request, the advertising e-mails start with insurance and other credit offers. Do not be dissuaded from the path, always remains critical and seek external information, z.B. With us: FiFiFinance.

Cost summary

  • 10.000 euro credit at Ofina can easily lead to 1748,40 euro debt, 1000 euro to 1127 euro.
  • Worst case you get an effective interest rate of 13.62%, d.H. With a credit of 50.000 euro and term of 120 months one pays at the end 89.953,64 euro (calculated with credit calculator ): almost double! Also not counting overrun costs, unscheduled repayments and other temptations.

Ofina conclusion

Is Ofina credit serious? Yes, but on his website not quite open about the risks and extra costs. However, when asked via e-mail, you get the answer you want very quickly from loan broker Finanzcheck. Special repayments are allowed, so you can read on the website. But as a consequence of the compensation costs they are not favorable and therefore not really a serious option.

Ofina credit is possible despite negative Schufa, but whether it is advisable is doubtful. The new credit is also entered again in the Schufa. The more negative your Schufascore, the higher the interest rate. And you need a regular and sufficient income from a permanent employment relationship.

As with most credit providers, the interest rates can be quite favorable (from 0%) – for the exemplary customer. If you have a bad credit score and you still want a large loan, the effective interest rate can be up to 13.62% (which in the end means that you pay back almost twice as much – not even counting extra costs or overdraft fees).

Moreover, there are more financial dangers in the possible extra costs, such as overrun costs. You also need to beware of the seductions of new offers.

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