Online construction financing – how does it work??

Construction financing online: more personal than you think

You cannot conclude a construction financing online. Nevertheless, there are many construction financing online providers who offer their services on comparison and search platforms on the Internet. Strictly speaking, construction financing online is a construction financing brokerage by brokers who usually do not have a branch network, but in the best case offer competent advice and support until the construction financing loan is concluded – and sometimes beyond that. An online construction financing brokerage has two special advantages for you: the large intermediaries such as the bank-independent accedo AG have access to the construction financing offers of 400 banks to find the best loan for you. And you are also independent of time and place. So you can comfortably z. B. from home and at your desired dates to be advised and cared for.

Online construction financing with a personal contact person

When you contact an online construction financing provider, you usually do so using an inquiry form, which you can find either on the provider's website or as a link on comparison portals. These inquiry forms usually require only a few details about your financing project. Sometimes you will – like z. B. with accedo – after input of these inquiries already on-line appropriate interest offers of banks indicated, so that you already receive before establishment of contact first important references over interest costs and monthly rates which can be expected for interest and repayment (on basis of the usual annuity loan).

After submitting the request, you are then called by the online intermediary. At accedo, after this initial contact, you already have your personal construction financing expert, who will accompany you from this initial contact to the construction financing concept and – if you wish – to the signing of the contract with the then financing bank and the loan disbursement.

The first contact by phone after your inquiry

You discuss your wishes and options for real estate financing with your personal accedo construction financing expert by telephone or video conference. After this initial exchange, which is of course free with accedo, you will know what purchase and loan amounts to expect. With this knowledge you start your search for a suitable property.

Your advantage for a quick decision: Through the initial discussions and the transmission of your personal documents, your accedo consultant then already has the most important documents and can react quickly when you have found your desired property. Then it needs only the documents to the object. If you want to build new, you already have the building permit in addition to the documents for the new construction.

Your personal accedo expert will already tell you in this phase which bank offers, which loan forms, subsidy options and combinations come into consideration for you. Based on this personal exchange, you will then know exactly whether you can realize the dream of your dream property and, if so, the conditions of your real estate loan will already be defined now.

Advantage online construction financing brokerage: selection of over 400 banks

accedo has access to the daily updated financing offers of more than 400 banks. This is a particular advantage over many stationary banks, which prefer to sell the financial products of your house.

Nevertheless, it is always advisable to obtain further offers. In order to be able to compare the offers, it is important to define comparable key points. These are z. B. effective interest rate, term of the initial financing, initial repayment, stated residual debt after expiration, repayment schedule and flexible components such as no-cost unscheduled repayment options during the term.

And you will be surprised: in most cases, the interest rate offered by the broker is lower than the one offered by your bank. Although online construction financing intermediaries do not cost you a cent and are commissioned by the financing bank, they can offer particularly favorable rates because they receive a "volume discount" from the banks on all construction financing arranged. accedo AG passes on this "volume discount" directly to its customers.

Once you have decided on a mortgage provider, things often have to move quickly. Because if you have already found your dream property and you are also sure that this property can also be financed, there is no time to lose on the currently "tight" real estate market. Therefore it is important that at least the most important key points of the real estate loan are already clarified in advance. And you thus have a basis for deciding on a provider.

Online construction financing brokerage: more personal than you think

Many online construction finance brokers do not have branches. The exchange is only possible online or by phone. That sounds impersonal? But it does not have to be. A reputable broker is not a call center. But an expert with extensive construction financing expertise who accompanies you throughout the entire process. In this way, you will receive competent support from start to finish, as your personal expert knows your case in detail and will accompany you through the process.

From our point of view, this is an essential criterion for your selection: Only online construction financing intermediaries that guarantee you a personal advisor should be included in your selection. Because you need a trusted advisor who knows your personal wishes and options, who is thoroughly informed about every step and who also always acts in your best interest when it comes to bank selection and bank communication. Only with this individual service you can get the tailor-made and therefore best offer.

Even after the loan has been signed and your loan has been approved, your personal accedo expert will continue to look after you. Important with a new building, since here the credit is transferred at different times in partial amounts. But also in terms of follow-up financing in 10, 15 or 20 years, it is quite useful if the online construction lender is very familiar with your initial loan.

Online construction financing: free and cheaper than at your local bank?

Reputable mortgage brokers like accedo work for you free of charge. Because the broker has already included the commission in the offer. accedo receives this commission from the financing bank with your signature. Your advantage: accedo is interested in making you the best offer so that you will close. In addition, the interest rate offered is often cheaper than what you would get from bank regularly.

The more favorable interest rate, despite commission charges, results from the fact that online home loan brokers receive better conditions than "normal" private customers. Because banks offer better terms to brokers who take large contingents. This is how you benefit from this volume advantage. And at the same time you have the security that you are accompanied through the financing process by proven construction financing experts. In addition, with accedo you can enjoy guaranteed bank independence. Because it is not bound to any internal bank requirements.

If you choose a mortgage brokerage, you don't have to deal with banks directly

accedo takes care of finding the best financing partner for you. In addition, accedo negotiates your construction financing contract directly with the bank. It also guides you through the entire financing process until the payoff is in your account. So you have the security and the guarantee to actually find the best offer adapted to your possibilities.

Since real estate financing often also consists of different loan components (e.g. a mortgage), accedo can. B. government-sponsored loans, annuity loans and possibly a building savings contract) and are therefore also among the most complex loan products, it makes more than sense to be accompanied by experts who know exactly what is important. For this reason alone, you are in the best hands with accedo.

Construction financing online: more personal than you think

Construction financing online is the alternative to the house bank. Free of charge, independent of banks, personalized. and cheap to get a customized loan.

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