With our interactive credit card comparison you can find the perfect credit card with the best conditions in a few moments!

How does the credit card comparison work?

First of all, you can specify your parameters so that you can also find the credit card or debit card that best suits you and your needs. In our credit card calculator there are the following parameters:

If you want to take out a loan, you must undergo a credit check. What is behind it, how it works and how you can improve your credit rating, we tell you in this article.

What is a credit check?

The credit rating describes the creditworthiness of a person or a company. This means to what extent the person is able and willing to meet a payment obligation. Credit assessment is composed of two elements in the lending process:

With our loan calculator you have the opportunity to calculate all the important details of an annuity loan. Find out what your monthly costs will be for the amount you want to borrow and how much you will pay back in total at the end of the term.

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Two out of three German citizens choose the annuity loan as a form of loan for the purchase of real estate. The advantage is obvious: the loan is returned to the lender over the entire term with constant payments.

In a financially difficult situation, quick help is needed without long discussions. Taking out a loan is the solution for many consumers, but if the bank gets in the way, it can lead to big problems. A rejection by the house bank can occur for various reasons, but very important is the Schufa information. A loan despite negative Schufa can be possible, however, for example with Auxmoney, because here more criteria count than the pure Schufa information.

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A free credit card can simplify life enormously in everyday life and is a practical alternative to the EC card, which one receives with the current account. Especially since credit cards are one of the most widely accepted payment methods by merchants worldwide. As a result, they can be used both domestically and when traveling, and allow for cashless payments almost anywhere.

It is possible to get a loan despite negative Schufa

Getting a loan despite negative Schufa is not always easy at first glance. How this works, when it makes sense for you and what you should look out for, we have summarized for you in this article.

Smartphones that are totally hip, look classy and offer hundreds of functions are tempting. They simply belong and have become an indispensable companion in daily life. Fast are 600,- to 1.000,- Euro away, you would like to treat yourself to the latest model from Apple, Sony or Samsung. The new smartphone you have chosen quickly, but cash or credit on the account is unfortunately lacking. Not bad, because you have a house bank and around such a huge credit it does not concern after all. Asking costs nothing and so you make an appointment and ask for a loan to be able to buy the new top smartphone soon. But out of the dream, so quickly it will be nothing with the credit. The Schufa entry is negative. Your house bank puts you off and assures you that you do not have to try other banks at all. What now? An expensive cell phone contract including a new top smartphone? But even for this, the Schufa is queried and if the score is bad, it will also nothing with a cell phone contract. What options remain now, if you do not want to bury the dream of the new top smartphone? Cell phone on installment purchase? Cell phone credit without Schufa? Cell phone contract without Schufa? We present several ways you can apply for a loan without Schufa for your new cell phone and several alternative that may be suitable for you.


GERMANY. There are situations in life, in which a helping financial injection is necessary, although a negative credit entry speaks against a borrowing. If consumers unexpectedly get into a financial emergency situation, they get stressed, sometimes even panic. Under time pressure, those affected grasp at any straw that offers itself and sign credit agreements without thinking twice. This can be really expensive and for some the entrance into the debt trap be. The article explains what loans without Schufa are and how to find reputable offers.

Whether for medical or purely aesthetic reasons, many women wish to have a breast augmentation. Regardless of the reasons that lead you to take this step, such an operation is always associated with considerable costs.

In this article you will learn what costs you will have to pay if you decide to have a breast augmentation surgery. In addition, we show you what options there are for financing such an operation and how you can easily fulfill your own dream of a beautiful body with a loan for breast augmentation.

The credit for the car repair

The loan for car repair is the perfect solution in case your car needs the help of a garage after a damage and you want to stay solvent. Unfortunately, it is often the case that cars break down just when it does not fit into the budget. But unexpected often comes. Repairs follow unpleasant events, so z.B. after the breakdown on the way to an important appointment or breaking down in the middle of an open road on the way to pick up the children from school.