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If you want to finance a property, you usually need equity capital. How much should it be? What all counts as equity? We give tips on how to build up equity capital for real estate purchases.

I need a dollar: this is where founders get money

To collect money for the start-up, there are many possibilities. Some types of financing are easier to implement than others. Because no one gives away their money. Investors want shares for their capital investment, business angels want a say and banks want certain securities or guarantees. Which financing fits the respective project depends on various factors. An important point of contact here are the development banks of the states, which often have a large toolbox for financing at the ready.

The development bank, also known as the state development institute, is the federal state counterpart to KfW Bank, which operates throughout Germany. Here loans are granted that come from public funds. In some cases, these subsidized loans do not have to be repaid, they start repayment much later than conventional loans, or they do not require the collateral that a bank would demand. So accessing money through a development bank is particularly lucrative.

If you have applied for a loan and your application was rejected rather quickly by the credit bank, this may be because you do not have the required credit rating. The banks protect themselves against the risk of non-payment and make a credit check of the credit applicant. Many banks charge interest on the loan depending on the creditworthiness of their borrowers. If your loan application is rejected, this is not only to protect the bank from a possible default, but also for your own protection. Banks want to protect applicants who cannot demonstrate sufficient creditworthiness from falling further and further into the debt trap and perhaps into personal insolvency. If you can not provide the required collateral for the loan, you still do not always have to give up a loan, because you can bring your partner on board or provide a guarantor.

Better credit chances with a co-applicant

Credit together as a couple or co-applicants

I need 3000 € immediately

In this article you will learn how to quickly get 3000 €. The fastest and best option is a loan. If you can't get a loan from your bank because of a credit record, you don't have to bury your head in the sand.

There are also credit free loans, which are attractive. Although the interest rates are a little higher, but in an emergency, these should also be bearable.

Collateral is more important than Schufa

It is often said that Schufa is to blame for people not getting loans or contracts. This is only true to a certain extent. Of course the Schufa has a say, but there is always a plan B. If the Schufa is negative, the lender or contracting party wants to secure itself.

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The law is not clear

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For most people it is one of the most important steps in their lives: the purchase of their own home. Only very few people, however, are likely to be able to make a purchase with equity capital alone. A house financing makes this wish tangible. Since borrowers usually commit themselves for a long period of time, this decision needs to be well considered. We list the 12 most important questions you should ask yourself in the run-up to a loan and answer them for you.

1. How to finance a house?

A man answers himself questions about buying a house and thinks about

When families are looking for a house, money is often a problem. Finally, a construction financing must be linked to certain securities. But with children in the luggage life can be quite turbulent. It is even worse when it comes to young families. Often the parents are only recently in the occupation active and do not have an unlimited work contract. Who is interested now in real estates, sees itself confronted with many obstacles. In this guide, we give tips on how a family can save and benefit from good conditions.

What are the options for construction financing?


The financing of a property should always be adapted to the personal circumstances and personal situation of the respective borrower (and not vice versa). Accordingly consumers would have to get also individual financing offers from banks and mediators. In reality most get however only standard zero fifteen offers, which fit only rarely the personal situation.

Many banks and brokers promise their customers "tailor-made financing concepts" and "individual financing solutions", but in the end they only offer their customers "off-the-peg" construction financing. This is like the famous suit. Custom work is promised, but only mass-produced goods are delivered. Even that can fit in the end and suit the wearer, but mostly it fits badly, the sleeves are too long, the pant legs too short and somehow you look in it like Armin Laschet in the Bundestag election campaign 2021.

House building / construction planning: If you have decided to build your own house, this is a decision which brings a lot of joy, but also causes a lot of work. The builder has to plan and organize many things to ensure a smooth process. It is especially small things that are often overlooked, but play a big role. These little things can make building a house a pain in the neck. For that reason, it's a good idea to keep checklists and also to coordinate and review them with the service providers involved.