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Hundertwasser building in Darmstadt: You live in Darmstadt and need a SCHUFA-free loan without red tape? Then go to the pawnshop Darmstadt!

Especially in difficult economic times, when salaries are cut or even completely eliminated, the demand for credit increases to bridge these financial emergencies reasonably well and despite all this also necessary purchases to be able to make. Instead of simply selling valuables, a pawn loan offers the possibility of parting with them only for a short time and, as soon as one has sufficient financial means again, redeeming them at the pawnbroker again. Since pawn loans also eliminate many bureaucratic hurdles that one is confronted with when applying for other forms of credit, pawn loans are becoming increasingly popular.

Pawnshop in the pawnshop Darmstadt

The pawn credit has its partly bad reputation completely wrongly, because at least, which concerns the regulations in Germany, these make the pawnshop to an absolutely safe and respectable affair. Pawnshops can not be opened just like that, you need large financial collateral and special insurance.

A pawnbroker in Germany also needs a license in accordance with Section 34 of the Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act (Gewerbeordnung) and must conduct his business in accordance with the rules of the Pawnbrokers Ordinance (PfandlV). Here, among other things, the amount of the pawn fees is specified and that the monthly interest on pawn loans may not be higher than 1% of the loan amount. The regulations on pawnbroking are also laid down in Section 1204 of the German Civil Code (BGB).

So here in Germany, pawnbroking is absolutely not a shady business, but trustworthy all around and runs according to strict legal regulations.

A pawn credit in the pawnshop Darmstadt is uncomplicated to get

Getting a pawn loan in Darmstadt isn't a bureaucratic process as it is with other types of loans, it's simple and you can get cash quickly and easily. In the case of pawn loans, no pay slips, bank statements or SCHUFA information are required, since the pawned item serves as collateral for the pawnbroker in this type of loan.

Especially if you are in a difficult financial situation, possibly even negative SCHUFA entries deny access to other forms of credit, the pawn loan is an absolutely recommendable option and possibly even the rescue from the emergency!

What comes into question as a pawned item

In principle, almost all valuable objects are suitable for pledging at the pawnshop in Darmstadt, but the pawnbroker is also completely free to decide which objects he accepts as pledged objects and which he does not. However, the following categories of items have proven to be particularly suitable, as they have a stable value and can usually be easily transported: Jewelry, jewels, art objects, historical coins, antiques and technical equipment.

There are also special cases in the field of pawnshops, such as car pawnshops, which specialize in motor vehicles as pawn. If one concludes pawn credits here, credit heights of up to 80 % of the object value beckon to the borrower, whereas one can expect rather 25 – 50 % in usual pawnshops. However, the pawn fees are also higher in car pawnshops, as costs for the parking space must also be included here.

What happens to pledged items that are not redeemed??

If you are unable to raise enough money in time to pay off the loan, including interest and pawn fees, the pawned item is sold at public auction. Here private persons can bid on the former pawned object. Should however with the auction, which is led by a publicly ordered auctioneer, an amount be obtained, which is higher than the pawn credit, then the pawn credit borrower has a requirement on the surplus, which this can require within three years with the pawnshop Darmstadt. If you do not claim this amount of money, it goes to the competent authority, the pawnshops themselves have no claim to it.

Our conclusion to the pawn credit in the pawnshop Darmstadt

We, the editors of Kredit 123, can thoroughly recommend pawn loans as a special form of credit, especially if you only need to bridge a short financial dry spell. For longer loan terms, the interest rates are unfavorable compared to many other forms of credit, however, quite high and make the pledge loan attractive only for short loan terms. Unbeatable advantage with pawn loans in the pawnshop Darmstadt is also that you can get this loan without much bureaucratic effort and even with negative SCHUFA entries, which is really unique in this form of credit.

Darmstadt: independent large city in Hesse, Germany

Darmstadt is a major city in the state of Hesse, Germany, which has approx. 160.000 inhabitants. It is part of the Rhine-Main region and is the fourth largest city in the state of Hesse after Frankfurt am Main, Wiesbaden and Kassel.

Map of Darmstadt

Districts of Darmstadt

Darmstadt consists of nine districts. These are, in alphabetical order: Arheilgen, Bessungen, Darmstadt-Mitte, Darmstadt-Nord, Darmstadt-Ost, Darmstadt-West, Eberstadt, Kranichstein and Wixhausen.

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