Santander debt rescheduling: pay off expensive loans with a cheap santander debt rescheduling loan

You absolutely want to redeem expensive, existing loans to save cash? With the Santander rescheduling this is quite possible, since the Santander rescheduling loan with high credit rating already from 1.99% eff. P.A. Available!

Representative example of the Santander Bank rescheduling loan in accordance with § 6a PAngV

Net loan amount 20.000 euros
Term 84 months
fixed debit interest p.A. 4,42% p.A.
Annual percentage rate of charge 4.51% eff. P.A.
Monthly rate 377.25 euros
Total loan amount 23.289,33 Euro

Requirements to be able to take out the Santander debt rescheduling loan

To qualify for Santander debt restructuring, it is important that you can meet the following requirements. However, since you have very likely taken out one or even several loans beforehand, this should not be a problem in principle. The requirements for taking out the Santander debt rescheduling loan are:

  • You have the 18. Have already reached the age of 18 and are unrestrictedly creditworthy.
  • You have an official residence in a municipality of the FRG.
  • You have a current account with a German financial institution.
  • You can prove a regular income or receive monthly pension payments.
  • If you are still employed or civil servant: You have already completed the probationary period and have been practicing your current profession for at least half a year.
  • You do not have any negative SCHUFA records.

You have just checked the requirements to be met and believe that they can qualify for Santander debt restructuring? Then please also get an overview now of the documents to be submitted for the review of your debt rescheduling loan application:

  • Proof of salary for the last three months (if employed)
  • Proof of regular salary (if you are a civil servant)
  • Proof of monthly pension payments (if retired)
  • Account statements with the turnovers, which can prove the salary or pension receipt

You can also easily submit the documents required for your loan application via upload? Then you can now use the form above to apply for the favorable Santander debt rescheduling loan online.

Settlement of the Santander debt rescheduling loan

The processing of the Santander debt rescheduling loan applied for online can, if you wish, be done completely digitally. Thus, you are not required to leave your house or apartment to end up paying the desired amount to redeem your existing loan or. Of your existing loans to obtain.

You can provide all required documents online via upload. Personal identification can be done via WebID procedure and video call. So you do not even have to send documents by mail to confirm your identity via Post-Ident procedure. Even signing the debt rescheduling loan agreement can easily be done online: through a qualified electronic signature (QES).

If the Santander Consumer Bank is of the opinion that you are creditworthy and can therefore carry out the Santander debt restructuring, you will receive a positive credit decision and the immediate payment of the requested loan amount. During the actual discharge of the existing loans, the employees of Santander Consumer Bank are of course happy to help you with advice and support!

Conditions of the Santander debt rescheduling loan

Of course, it is very important for a debt rescheduling loan to offer very flexible customization options on the one hand, and to have much more favorable interest rates than the loan(s) to be redeemed on the other. The Santander debt rescheduling loan should bring these two characteristics, especially as:

  • An effective annual interest rate from 1.99% is possible, provided that the applicant has a very high credit rating,
  • The loan amount between 500 euros to 60.000 Euro and
  • The term can be from 12 to 96 months.

When choosing the term and the monthly installment, it is important to understand how the term, the credit installment and the cost of credit are fundamentally linked: If you choose a very long term, you will benefit from very low loan rates though. However, you will also have to bear relatively high loan costs. With a short term, although the monthly payment is very high, the interest to be paid is relatively low. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you use an accurate loan calculator to determine your desired rate!

Furthermore, before signing the loan agreement, we recommend that you check whether personal or material loan collateral can be provided. Because these help to increase the credit rating and lower the interest rates. With many banks particularly popular is the addition of a second borrower. But also the registration of a guarantee or the land charge are quite common collateral options that banks accept especially to secure larger loans, since their default risk can be significantly reduced by the same!

Pink piggy bank: redeem expensive existing loans with the help of Santander rescheduling and save a lot of money thereby!

Important legal information about the Santander debt restructuring

You did not take out your installment loan, which you would absolutely like to pay off because it is simply too expensive from today's perspective, until after 11.06.2010? In this case, you may be charged an early repayment penalty of no more than 1% of the remaining loan amount if you now reschedule this loan! If the remaining term of the installment loan is a maximum of 12 months, the prepayment penalty is even limited to only 0.5% of the remaining loan amount. These regulations generally apply to installment loans, but not to construction financing or real estate loans!

If you want to terminate your installment loan contract before 11.06.Signed in 2010, the loan redemption provisions that were contractually agreed apply. A maximum limit does not apply here in principle.

If you need more information and also helpful tips on debt restructuring, then you should read through this post!

Special feature of the Santander rescheduling loan

Not unmentioned should be the fact that the Santander rescheduling loan can also be applied for by consumers who are in a temporary employment relationship. In this context, however, there is an additional requirement to be met, namely that the term of the loan should be within the time limit.

Santander debt restructuring experience

You have already paid off existing loans with the help of the Santander debt rescheduling loan and can publish a detailed article about your Santander debt rescheduling experience? Then please use our comment function to share your impressions with us. We are already looking forward to your report on your experience with the Santander debt rescheduling loan!

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