Save money in the household

Tips for saving money in the household

There are many reasons to save money. Some people want to pay off their debts or do not have a lot of money. Others would like to afford a nice vacation. But how can you save money in the household without much effort and have more money every month?

In the following you will learn how you can apply simple saving tips in everyday life, without having to do without anything.

Keeping a budget book – Saving money at home

Keeping a budget book is a classic money saving tip. Write down your expenses for one month. How to find out what you spend money on and where there is potential for savings. Then set shopping frames for different categories such as leisure, food, household and clothing.

Add a little buffer to your expenses. Write every week the amount of shopping. So you keep track and can control your spending.

Shopping – saving money in the household

When shopping, you can save a lot of money with simple tricks. If you eat seasonally, you can save a lot of money in the budget. Make a bulk purchase 1-2 times a week and save money.

If possible, choose bulk packs, as they are cheaper. Saving money in the household is easy if you write a shopping list and avoid unnecessary and unhealthy impulse purchases.

Electricity guzzlers in the household

Electricity guzzlers in the household cause up to 20 percent of the total electricity consumption. Electricity guzzlers include refrigerators, freezers, electric stoves, dryers, dishwashers, washing machines and televisions.

But these power guzzlers in the household can be operated sparingly, so saving money in the household is not a problem. Refrigerators with air vents are best placed with the back exposed to the room. It should be noted that this ca. Have 5 cm distance to the wall. This way the air can circulate better there.

You can save more money in the household if you pay attention to the energy efficiency class when buying a household appliance. Optimal is the marking A+++. Furthermore, the standby consumption of the power guzzlers in the household should not be underestimated. That's why it's advisable to unplug your washing machine, coffee maker, dryer, TV and toaster after using them.

Save money in the household while cooking and baking

To save money when cooking and baking, you should use high quality cookware and the right pot size. Turn off the stove before cooking and use the residual heat. The dishwasher should be well filled when you use it.

Depending on the appliance, the dishwasher consumes between 9-18 liters of water per wash cycle. Therefore, when buying, pay attention to how much water the appliance consumes. Also the washing machine one switches only if the equipment is well filled. You can save money in the household, if you wash your laundry with maximally 60 degrees.

Save money at home – drink tap water

You can save some money in the household by drinking tap water instead of mineral water. In Germany the drinking water is of best quality and harmless. In old apartments you should ask the landlord about the water quality.

Because copper and lead pipes may be putting small amounts of contaminants into drinking water. In this case, mineral water is advised. If you like sparkling water, then a drinking water bubbler is recommended. Another advantage of tap water is that you don't have to lug around heavy water boxes.

Take food and drinks with you

You can save money on household expenses by preparing your food and drinks at home and taking them with you. If you regularly buy coffee to go, you spend a lot of money every week without realizing it. Fill your coffee into a thermo mug and enjoy it on the go.

You also save the environment because you don't use coffee cups. The same is true for food. You can easily prepare healthy snacks, fruit, salad or a full lunch the day before and take it to work with you.

So you have a delicious meal that benefits your figure. With this simple tip, you'll have more money each month to put aside or spend on your hobbies.

Share and borrow things instead of buying

You don't always need to buy and own something if it is needed for a short time. Sharing is the trend at the moment. You can share household appliances, baby carriages, clothes and books with others and have more money every month.

Either share things with family and friends or use various sharing platforms. Those who like to read should get a library card. This can save you a lot of money in the household. For a low annual fee you have access to countless books, bestsellers, magazines and current newspapers.

Buy clothing – save money on your budget

Clothes can cost a lot and put a strain on your budget. Especially branded clothes are very expensive. To make sure you have more money each month, there are several ways to do this. Thrift stores, outlet centers and factory outlets are good alternatives to expensive clothes.

If you want to store conveniently, you can use the numerous second-hand platforms for fashion online. Find besics, great bargains and items that are no longer available in stores. The advantage of second-hand clothes is that they are much cheaper. You also do something good for the environment, because no new clothes have to be produced for you.

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