Second degree in computer science – the comprehensive guide

While computer science was a marginal academic field some time ago, it is now one of the most popular and, above all, most successful fields that students can choose to study. Above all, career prospects can be greatly improved by choosing to study IT, and this is also the reason why more and more people are deciding to complete an additional degree in computer science after successfully completing their first degree.

It is almost irrelevant what you have studied before, because the science of automatic processing of information with the help of computers can be perfectly combined with all other subjects. This is mainly due to the fact that in the meantime in no field of study we can do without the use of computers and software tailored to the respective profession or. The storage and analysis of important data with the help of modern technology.

The standard period of study for the subject Computer Science is between 6 and 8 semesters, depending on your previous education and the university you choose for a Bachelor's degree. If, on the other hand, you would like to graduate with a Master's degree, this requires a further 2 to 4 semesters. If you would like to complete a second degree in Computer Science in order to acquire a valuable additional qualification, you should expect to need at least 3 years to achieve this goal.
As a second degree program, however, the subject of computer science also has a number of advantages, because in many cases it can not only be completed while working, but numerous distance-learning universities have also specialized in offering their students training in this subject area from home.

However, the cost of distance learning is on average between 10.000 and 40.000 euros.
The contents of the computer science studies at the different universities hardly differ from each other. While the most important basics of computer technology as well as mathematics are taught first, one specializes in the second study section mostly in the so-called technical computer science as well as different programming languages, the processing and storage of important data and/or the computer science. The development of targeted software.

If you have completed your second degree in computer science, not only will your career prospects improve greatly, but the combination of subjects will also make you a sought-after specialist in your field. Whether it's in finance, logistics, law, or even service companies or. In industry: experts with proven computer science skills are sought after everywhere and are therefore also very well paid.

With a double degree and a second degree in computer science, you can look forward to an entry-level salary of between € 2800 and € 4000. In addition to the fact that you have great career opportunities with such a combination of subjects and your job is considered absolutely secure, the high pay is certainly another reason for numerous people to choose to study computer science.

Application for the second study of computer science – this is how it works

If you would like to do a second degree in computer science, you can do it through the university, a university of applied sciences or even a distance learning university.
In all of these variants, you complete your studies with a university examination and thus obtain an additional academic degree. Depending on which way you decide to go, the admission criteria can be very different and usually take place via a direct application to the respective university. The only basic requirement for studying computer science is a university entrance qualification.

If you would like to find out about and apply for a second degree in computer science at a university, it is best to check the respective admission requirements on the homepage of your preferred university, correspondence school or university of applied sciences.Especially when applying to universities, it is often necessary to take an additional entrance test, in which your mathematical, analytical and above all cognitive abilities are tested, because the study places are limited. Also the final grade of your already completed studies can decide whether you will be admitted to the second study of computer science at a university of applied sciences or not.

If you have initially decided on a university of applied sciences, but were not accepted due to the entrance examination or too few study places, a distance learning program may be the optimal solution. Here you do not have to worry about whether you will be admitted, because as long as you meet the admission requirements, you are guaranteed a place in the Computer Science department. However, you should bear in mind that you will have to bear the costs of such studies yourself and that in most cases they are not exactly inexpensive.

The reasons for applying for a second degree in computer science

If you would like to apply for a second degree in computer science at a university or a university of applied sciences, you should first of all know that the provision of study places naturally costs the universities a lot of money and the capacities are therefore often limited. Of course, you can enroll in an open-admission program if you have already completed another course of study. As already mentioned, however, it can happen that the study places are locally limited due to scarcity and therefore a so-called justification of the application must be submitted.
This is done in written form for the application to study computer science as well as for other subjects, which are aspired to as a second study and are evaluated on the basis of a point system. There are 5 different groups of cases:

The 1. Case group: compelling professional reasons

Do you have due to your first study hardly or. Very bad job chances, if you do not study computer science additionally, you belong to this case group 9 points.

The 2. Case group: academic reasons

If it is your professional ambition to carry out interdisciplinary research and if two degrees are also necessary for this purpose, you can greatly improve your chances of getting a place at university with this justification and receive up to 11 points.

The 3. Case group: special professional reasons

If you would like to pursue a profession that cannot be performed if you do not complete a second degree in computer science, you will receive 7 points for this justification.

The 4. Case group : other professional reasons

If a study of computer science leads to the fact that your present occupation can be carried out better and your field of activity thus extends, you can receive for this reason 4 points.

The 5. Case group : other reasons

If you have further individual reasons why the subject of computer science is unavoidable for you as a second course of study, you can receive an additional point for each such reason.

If you are planning to study computer science at a specific university or university of applied sciences where places are limited, you should think carefully about the reasons for your application and write a letter of motivation to apply for a place. In this way, you can greatly increase your chances of being admitted to the computer science program. An even more detailed overview of the different reasons for applying can be found here.

The second study of computer science in combination with other subjects

It doesn't matter if you have a degree in the natural sciences or even in the humanities, computer science as a second degree is a perfect way to improve your career opportunities and to broaden the field in which you can work. Since the study of computer science has not only a technical but also a mathematical focus, it is advisable to already have previous knowledge or experience in computer science. To have a strong interest in these areas in order to ensure that the second degree in computer science can be successfully completed. Although this subject is ideally suited to enhance any existing degree, there are two combinations of subjects that are currently in particularly high demand and which we would like to present to you in detail.

Computer science as a second course of study after a degree in medicine

If you have already graduated from medical school and realized that working in a lab or even as a doctor may not fulfill you after all, the second degree in computer science may be the optimal solution to specialize in the technical area of this exciting field. Whether in the operating room, at the health insurance company, or in health care billing – physicians with expertise in computer science are needed everywhere and can not only help to make administrative processes in the health care system more efficient, but also diagnoses can be recorded more precisely and data can be stored better if physicians who have also completed a degree in computer science are entrusted with this task. In fact, this combination of subjects serves as a perfect interface between medicine and data processing with the help of a computer and is therefore indispensable to guarantee the better and more effective functioning of our healthcare system.

In the meantime, there is even an interdisciplinary degree program in medical informatics to meet the urgent need for specialists in this field. But even if you already have a medical degree, you can use a second degree in computer science to acquire the skills needed to work in this field and gain knowledge of the various methods and tools necessary for information expectation in the health sector.

A big advantage can be seen in the fact that you have already experienced the real working day in a hospital or another health institute during your medical studies and therefore know exactly how work processes can be facilitated with the help of functioning information systems and where there is still room for improvement. In this way, it is possible to develop innovative storage systems that make it possible to facilitate workflows.

A second degree in computer science after a medical degree is especially recommended if you have a great affinity for technology and enjoy working with computers, and if you have a great interest in the further development of existing technologies, some of which are outdated.

Computer science as a second course of study after a degree in business administration

The study of business administration has been one of the most sought-after in the world for a number of years, and there is a good reason for this, as personnel with a sound knowledge of business administration are in demand in all industries.

This is therefore a particularly diverse course of study that offers you the opportunity to work in numerous specialist areas. However, this also brings with it a decisive disadvantage: after graduation, it is in most cases necessary to specialize in one area. Very often, business administration students decide to take a second course of study in order to improve their career prospects and thus make the leap into the job market. Computer science is the perfect choice to find the right job in no time, which is also very well paid. It doesn't matter whether you would like to work in recruitment, sales, logistics or strategic management, knowledge of the latest modern technologies will enable you to stand out from the crowd of applicants and ultimately choose your dream job.

It is above all the special mixture of these two studies that makes graduates particularly interesting for companies, and thus the second degree in computer science opens up the possibility for you to work in a wide variety of areas after you have already completed your business studies. You are particularly in demand as an IT or strategy consultant if you have degrees in these two fields of study. Above all, you are perfectly prepared for the orientation of modern companies with this subject combination, because you can evaluate organizational processes and ensure the optimization of business processes with the help of the right software. In addition, as a computer scientist who has also studied business administration, you represent the interface between technology and management in a company, which ensures that the production processes can be made many times more efficient.

Perhaps, however, it is also the dream of professional self-employment that drives you to continue your education and thus to decide in favor of further studies. Especially for the foundation of a successful startup, knowledge of computer science and business administration is of crucial importance. If you have degrees in both subjects, you will not have to hire a person to do the work for you, and you will save money.

Computer science as a second degree – is it possible to sue for a place at university??

You may have put a lot of effort into applying for a second degree in computer science and were already looking forward to starting it soon, but then still received a rejection? In this case, you are probably asking yourself whether it is also possible to sue for a place at university and how to go about it. Especially in the last few years the number of appeals for university places has risen sharply, but these are only crowned with success in absolute isolated cases. If, for example, it can be proven in court that you were denied a place at university due to targeted discrimination or that the university is able to provide more study places than initially stated, then a lawsuit may well make sense.

However, if none of these special cases are present, then a study place complaint is in most cases anything but profitable for the complaining student, because it is not only associated with a high cost factor, but also takes very long in some cases. You have to reckon with up to € 1500 if you decide to claim a place at university. It is therefore worth considering whether such an action is worthwhile or whether you would prefer to opt for an alternative such as distance learning.

Financing a second degree – this is how it works

There are many reasons for a second degree in computer science, as we already know, and therefore it is completely understandable that more and more graduates decide for such a degree. However, in most cases the most important hurdle is the financing of such a second degree program. However, this should not be a reason to forego the desired further education and therefore we now present some possibilities how the financing of the second degree can work:

Good planning is everything

If you are thinking about pursuing a second degree in computer science, you should first consider whether and how you want to finance it. For this purpose, it can be useful to keep a budget book and generate any sources of income, such as part-time jobs.

Another possibility is to apply for a scholarship, because in Germany second degree courses can also be supported, whereby it is also necessary to cite the previously mentioned reason. In this regard, the professional necessity of the second degree in particular provides the ideal basis for claiming a scholarship.

A very popular option for many second-year students is to work a part-time job in order to finance their further education. However, it is important not to exceed income limits in order not to have to pay back any scholarships or grants. A distance learning program allows you to work during the day while still having enough time to complete your studies. This is mainly because with a distance learning computer science course you can learn anytime and from anywhere respectively. Can work and you are not bound to a certain place or time.

If the case arises and neither a scholarship nor a job is sufficient to enable you to complete a second degree, you can opt for a so-called student loan. This is a financing option specially designed for students, which allows you to complete your second degree in computer science and ensures that the dream of further education can come true. A student loan does not have to be repaid until the studies have been completed. Thus, you have the opportunity to study computer science without having to worry about financing.

Conclusion: A second study is worthwhile

Completing a computer science degree as a second degree is an absolutely recommendable procedure in the medical, economic as well as social fields of study. With such you have namely the possibility to further optimize the already existing processing systems, to improve organizational procedures and thus to contribute to the fact that a company becomes even more successful and you are active besides in an extremely exciting and varied area.

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