Start a startup in germany, now is the time?

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If you have to highlight a strong economy in Europe, it is undoubtedly Germany. This country has had an impressive industry for decades, as well as an enviable tertiary sector that allows unemployment to remain virtually unchanged, the standard of living and the economic situation are quite high and that the market can have absolute security in the economy German , even in times of tension and possible recessions like the one in which we are currently living. Germany is a very powerful market where many come from outside to set up their own business in this country. Entrepreneurship is always well received and many new grants are awarded Entrepreneurs.

In this country, there are many economic sectors, although startups related to tourism or the Internet triumph the most . Technology, of course, is always an advantage over other markets because it is the most booming. Creating a startup with a European vocation from Germany can be much easier and more effective than from any other country such as Spain, Italy and France, where the business fabric is not as strong and the markets are much more hesitant. The success of a startup in Germany attracts many investors. That moves the project forward. It is therefore a good idea to convince us to establish our company here. How to do it, we explain in this article.

Steps to set up your business in Germany

Starting a business is an arduous process here in Germany and in every other country. However, the institutions try to facilitate as much as possible that everyone can open his own business , as this contributes not only to employment but also to a better market structure Land The most complicated thing at the beginning will be to overcome the language barrier, which is of great importance not only for the business itself, but also for life in Germany. We should have a good knowledge of German or at least English, because even the procedure to create our business will be complicated if we do not have a good command of any of these languages.

Germany makes it easier for you to start a business through chambers of commerce and institutions. We can build our business in the shortest time with minimal investment. Of course, the headquarters has to be in the country, so we have to have a house or an office here in Germany as well. Afterwards, we can continue to seek advice through the Chamber of Commerce of our city to find the necessary contacts to move our business forward. It depends on the type of business, of course, but startups generally have many opportunities to develop in the German environment, especially in certain cities like Berlin.

Do you have to speak German or is English enough?

If we want to develop our work in Germany, it is clear that we need to speak German . Maybe don't speak it like a native, but we defend ourselves at least from the first moment, because otherwise it costs us a lot to start the company . Even if we can hire people who speak German and we don't have to face the public, the language barrier can be lacking if we don't overcome it. We therefore recommend that you learn a little German before you arrive, to defend us at work, but also in the rest of life , because here in Germany it is so The only language practically.

We can do many things in English, of course, and even the brochures and papers from the German chambers of commerce come in English, so they are perfectly understandable to foreigners who need to be. However, we must have a good command of German in addition to a good command of English so that language does not hinder business development. We will constantly talk to German contacts who, even if they know we are from abroad, will at least ask us for a gesture in their language, even if it is purely educational . This topic is important. So if you are thinking of starting your business here, you can take advantage of some German courses.

In which part of Germany is it better to start the startup?

Germany is a huge country, as you can see if you've lived here for a long time. Each region or state has almost its own peculiarity, and in fact they are given many competences, so it is easy to find differences between start-ups in Cologne, Berlin, Munich or Hamburg. We recommend to always do this in Berlin, if possible, as this is not only the capital, but the city where much of the structure of German startups is concentrated, and a of the cities in the world where more companies of this type are founded, to over 40.000 per year. Berlin offers companies not only this structure, but also infrastructure and population if our company offers direct services to the public.

The startups are understood in Germany as a subtype within the limited partnerships, and to facilitate their creation, their share capital is reduced to only 1 euro at the beginning compared to the 25.000 requested by other companies at the time of their creation. For this reason, many European entrepreneurs also wanted to come to Germany to carry out their projects and businesses in extremely advantageous conditions that allow them to be prepared from the beginning to develop their business and operate much further. If your startup is cheap, Frankfurt may also be a good place to set up your headquarters, as it is the nerve center of the European economy.

Help and scholarships for setting up a business in Germany

One of the main doubts of an entrepreneur when it comes to advancing his business is knowing whether he can get help from administrations or both public and private funds. In Germany, the opportunities to create a startup also complement the opportunities to fund projects through certain institutions that help with a total or partial investment of an accepted project. There are many such tools available and with a good business plan, it is not difficult to get one of them.

We will certainly need the sesoramiento of the local chamber of commerce, for example the Berlin, to be able to run these reports correctly and to be helped within the framework of these scholarships or grants. In many cases it is just loans that we then have to pay back, in other cases it is aid such as exemption from certain fees or aid for hiring workers, etc. … All this to attract economic and entrepreneurial structures for the country continue to grow and remain in this regard the absolute reference throughout the European continent. A place where you can create a startup can be much easier.

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