Student loans as an alternative to scholarships

Student loans as an alternative to scholarships

Nowadays, a degree is very much in demand, because it can take you much further in your career than an apprenticeship. The promotion chances with a study are enormous and that makes itself also financially noticeable. If you do not receive a scholarship, you will have to pay for your studies yourself. This can often lead to getting into financial trouble. Not everyone has parents who can pay for their studies and if the scholarship is lacking, they may not even start studying at all.

No money for studying? Apply for a loan as an option

Many go to work on the side, yet this gives them less time to study. Under certain circumstances, this can mean that they will need much longer to complete their studies than if they had no money worries and did not have to go to work on the side. With a degree you will get a well-paid job and move up the ladder of success. You should not wait for financial aid, but apply for it. Even without a scholarship, it is still open to you to study if you know how to apply for a loan – without going to a bank!

Especially in Switzerland, the cost of living is much higher than in other countries. It is often not enough to have a part-time job. The weekends will then not be planned with studying, but with working. In addition to the higher rent in Switzerland, you also have to think about the daily meals. You don't want to miss out on fun, and would also like to attend or organize the one or other party yourself. To be able to finance all of this, a student loan can help. This way you are much more financially independent and can fully concentrate on your studies.

The loan for students – ways to apply successfully

If you want to study but don't get a scholarship, you have the option of taking out a student loan. These are not only granted by the house bank, but also via our unique platform splendit.Ch. We specialize in student needs and you'll quickly learn the best way to apply for one. The loan is given by investors who help students with their investment to master their studies without financial problems. You get help with the creation of your dossier. The better this turns out, the lower the interest can potentially be. The investors pay attention to the fact that the dossier is very well prepared. This means that you will earn.Ch don't stand alone and be taken care of by professional help.

It doesn't matter if you're still a freshman or already in postgraduate study. Financing is not dependent on income. The interest charged on the loan has a maximum limit of eight percent. Depending on how you are then ranked by the sponsors, you will pay either eight percent or even half as much in interest on your loan.

Registering and applying for a student loan at splendit is done in a few simple steps. After registration you can apply for a loan. Here's where you can find out all about the terms, interest rates and how repayment works right away. Once you have completed the form, you can arrange repayment so that you do not start until after you have completed your education. You only have to publish your auction and wait how interested investors will fill the auction. As soon as the auction is completely filled, your loan stands. Here's how to find investors who will allow you to take out a student loan if you don't have the option of a scholarship. If your auction is not completely filled, it may be that some investors are still missing a crucial point, which you should improve. Revise your dossier and then you can start the auction again.

In your member area you can see at any time how much money you still have to repay and when your installments are due. You should always pay them on time, but you can also be reminded by mail.


If you didn't get a scholarship, the student loan is an optimal alternative to finance your studies. So you have money for rent, living expenses or expensive documents for studies. You can apply today. The advantage of this student loan is that you don't have to have started your studies first. Even if you are already a freshman or sophomore, you can still apply for the loan. It helps you to fully concentrate on your studies, where others have to take a part-time job at Mack.

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