The industry does it: top-25.000 keywords in 600 million searches on the german web

As we all know, the truth is in the eye of the beholder. Fortunately this is not true for statistics. Because when it comes to big numbers, the truth always lies unvarnished in a database. And today we want to take a look at one of them. It's about keywords and about industries.

In Searchmetrics Essentials you can find the section "Industries/Topics" and in it images like here for the

The image provides the surprising insight that this business newspaper is found more for car topics than for business topics. That's why I have compared them in their top 5 industries with Handelsblatt and compared. And finally, at the very bottom, you can see the development that the editor colleagues there have been focusing more and more on "car" instead of "finance" for several months now.

600 million searches with the top 25.000 keywords in an industry overview

The car-fixation of the FTD may interpret now everyone itself. We prefer to turn to an overview in which the German top 25 keywords are listed.000 keywords for 600 million searches in industries are made visible:

Here's how the German top 25 were categorized in September.000 keywords with the highest traffic. What does this mean in traffic terms?? A whopping 600 million search queries. For the "Media & Events" sector, we are talking about 102 million search queries. Or, to put it another way: 17% of all searches are for keywords from the area of media and events. With these keywords, a good SEO can do business – if his site is in the right industry.

Those who focus on "Finance", for example, will know that this can be a great business – but also with a lot of competitive pressure. With this relatively small share of "top keywords" of six percent, it's especially difficult to score points. That's why you should probably go for the long tail right away, maybe you'll find a niche…

The situation is similar for "Real Estate" and "Health": Good business, but with great competition, only a few high traffic keywords. It's different with "consumer electronics": Naturally, the Internet always revolves a little around itself, and notebooks are still more interesting than hiking boots. So here is a really big keyword market – and even top keywords should be reachable.

What are the top keywords in the industries

First of all, the big question arises: What is this huge industry "Media & Events"?? Well, roughly speaking, a lot of what modern "media life" is about can be found here: the top keyword in it is "tv program today" and in seventh place in September was "Bundesliga live". Of course, we would have thought so right away.

But now to the prize question: What is the top keyword in "Finance"?? Credit without Schufa? Of course not, but the "gold price", followed by "Techniker Krankenkasse". Surprised? Or what is so interesting in the automotive industry that the FTD is so keen to report on it?? Forget about organic fuel or car brands. In the top 10, we find only keywords related to "tires" and "car insurance", respectively. "Tax". Oh yes, in 10th place: "alloy wheels". I deny myself the appropriate joke!

A special consideration has probably earned the websites that have managed to become such a brand in their industry – that their name has become a top search term. These include "Holidaycheck," "" and, of course, "immobilienscout24". I think there is no need to worry about the Panda there. This is how it looks in "Visibility":

Digging into the keywords yourself

The industry comparison in Searchmetrics Essentials can be found here. With the numbers here, you now have the ability to estimate your industry performance even more accurately. If you have a lot of keywords in the "small" financial sector, for example, you can pat yourself on the back (for the time being) – because you are not only dealing with lucrative topics, you have also done a really good job in this area. Have fun optimizing!

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