Withdraw money usa – so you can withdraw cash for free

In general, almost everything in the U.S. is paid for with a credit card and this is often indispensable for hotel and rental car bookings, as a deposit is usually blocked on the card.

Still, sometimes you do get into situations where you need cash. This is either the case when small stores only accept cash or when you find a parking space at an event where you can only pay in cash.

In addition, there are of course people who prefer to pay in cash.

Here's how to get cash in the U.S. and avoid fees and charges. Minimize.

Article tip: If you want to transfer money to the USA, I recommend the following article: Wire Transfer to the U.S

Withdraw money USA – These fees may apply

To withdraw cash cheaply or even without fees in the U.S., it is worth comparing the terms of your credit cards and debit cards.

You might even want to apply for a new credit card that offers a no-fee U.S. cash withdrawal like z.B. withdraw money usa – as a rule you can find ATMs almost everywhere. Preferably use the machines at a bank instead of in a gambling joint or gas station

Withdraw money USA – Different ways to get cash

withdraw money in the USA with girocard

The checking card is a debit card. This means that when a transaction is made, the bank account is debited without much delay.

If your bank card has the Girocard logo, it can be used in Germany. There are two payment systems of the credit card companies: V-Pay (Visa) and Maestro (Mastercard).

However, V-Pay can only be used in Europe and not in the USA. Maestro can be used worldwide including the USA.

If your bank card has the Maestro logo, you can use it to pay and withdraw cash from ATMs in the USA.

Fees when withdrawing cash in the U.S. with a checking card

The fees vary greatly depending on the bank. It is best to ask your bank about the conditions before you travel to the USA. Surely a bank advisor can also tell you with which card you should withdraw cash in the USA.

In general, cash withdrawals in foreign currencies often incur flat fees (around €5) or percentage fees (1 – 3% of the withdrawal amount).

withdraw money usa with credit cards from visa matercard or american express

Withdraw money in USA with credit card

Fees when withdrawing cash with a credit card

As with checking cards, credit card withdrawals usually incur percentage fees ranging from 1 – 3% fees.

However, there are credit cards that offer some cash withdrawals in the U.S. for free.

In any case, here you should consider applying for another credit card for traveling. In general, it is never a bad idea to carry another credit card as a backup.

I had already several times abroad the problem that 2 cards did not work for certain payments. Every time, the free American Express Payback credit card has saved me here.

In general, however, it should be noted that the Amex is not one of the preferred cards abroad due to higher foreign currency fees. However, it is practical for emergencies and the use in Euro.

The best credit cards for the USA trip

In the following part I would like to present the best credit cards for the USA trip, which are partly also very well suitable to withdraw cash free of charge in the USA.

I have besides other credit cards currently the Barclays, Wise and the Santander.

withdraw money usa hands 100 us dollar

Conclusion about withdrawing money USA

Overall, there are several ways to withdraw money free of charge in the U.S.

Unfortunately, most German banks have limited offers to withdraw money abroad free of charge.

If you're already with your local bank and don't want to change or. does not want to open another bank account with a minimum monthly deposit as with DKB, which should consider applying for an additional credit card.

Especially the Barclays Visa credit card is a good option to get cash free of charge at American banks on the spot.

The great thing about this card from Barclay's Bank is that the settlement works conveniently by direct debit from the existing checking account.

You can have the card billed monthly or even use the Barclays installment purchase option if you prefer to pay for your vacation spending in installments.

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